8/5/17 – WORLDS – MB13

2017 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: The 13th annual World Monkeyball Championships is scheduled for Saturday, August 5. Once again, we are limited to the first 144 PAID Monkeyballers. Even if you’ve been with us since MB1, your spot isn’t secure until we’ve collected your $10 entry fee.

MB13-logo-croppedYou’ll also want one of the official American Apparel (I think I can still get them even though the owner is a dirt bag) MB13 t-shirts for $15. The shirt was created by graphic designer Casey Frushour and is sure to be a fan favorite. MB gear is always a hot commodity. The only way to guarantee you get a shirt is to order now — we will only have about two dozen extras available the day of the event and we always sell out. Email me if you want me to put one on hold for you.

So do this now:

  1. Send me an email (afrushour@gmail.com) and tell me you’re in. And forward this page to your friends.
  2. Tell me how many t-shirts/sizes you need.
  3. Send me $$$ to confirm your place in the tournament. Cash or check is fine: 108 Windyrush Ln, DeWitt, MI, 48820. Venmo (@Andy-Frushour) and PayPal (afrushour@gmail.com) are PREFERRED.

Other pertinent information…

  • Location: Erickson Park in Delta Township on the SW side of Lansing (4250 S Canal Rd, Lansing, MI — map)
  • Start time: 10am, but opening ceremonies begin at 9:45. You can even get out there as early as 8:30 to start practicing. We’re usually done by 4:00pm.
  • Beer: We cannot bring keg beer into the park, HOWEVER, we do have an alcohol permit so you can bring your own. MB13 = BYOB.
  • Food: The Lions Club will be selling hot dogs and chili dogs (and other candy-type concession items), but you can also bring your own picnic lunch. There is not enough time in the schedule for people to leave the premises to get food in the middle of the tournament.


MB13 Previews: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

As of July 30, 11:00 a.m., * indicates registration payment received.

1. Jonah Allen (Lansing, MI)
2. Brett Boden (Evergreen Park, IL)
3. Dax Bolley (Herrin, IL)
4. Shawn Bolley (Herrin, IL)
5. Jon Boza (Williamston, MI)
6. Melissa Boza (Williamston, MI)
7. Matt Danely (Logansport, IN)
8. Quentin Danely (Logansport, IN)
9. Rex Danely (Logansport, IN)
10. Justin DiSanti* (Pittsburgh, PA)
11. Bobbi Duchene (Lansing, MI)
12. Andy Frushour* (DeWitt, MI)
13. Casey Frushour* (Ann Arbor, MI)
14. Dan Frushour* (Lansing, MI)
15. Joe Frushour* (Mason, MI)
16. Kate Frushour* (DeWitt, MI)
17. Gary Garrison, Jr (Lansing, MI)
18. Josh Gierada (Northville, MI)
19. Kyle Gierada (Northville, MI)
20. Emma HIntz (Bunker Hill, IN)
21. Jill Hintz (Bunker Hill, IN)
22. Ryan Hintz (Bunker Hill, IN)
23. Andy Kidle* (Ann Arbor, MI)
24. Dan Kidle* (Ann Arbor, MI)
25. Jack Kidle* (Ann Arbor, MI)
26. Jo Kidle* (Ann Arbor, MI)
27. Katie Kidle* (Ann Arbor, MI)
28. Dan Kubacki (Perrysburg, OH)
29. Dave Kubacki* (Perrysburg, OH)
30. Jillian Kubacki* (Perrysburg, OH)
31. Ryan LePeak (Jackson, MI)
32. Tobyn LePeak (Jackson, MI)
33. Lenny Merrill (Benzonia, MI)
34. Brent Morrow (Howell, MI)
35. Stacey Moser (Perrysburg, OH)
36. Chris Oakley (Jackson, MI)
37. Grant Osborne (White Lake, MI)
38. Matt Paison (Tinley Park, IL)
39. Christy Price (Grand Ledge, MI)
40. Emily Price (Grand Ledge, MI)
41. Gabby Price (Grand Ledge, MI)
42. Mike Price (Grand Ledge, MI)
43. Randy Price (Lansing, MI)
44. Jon Ross* (DeWitt, MI)
45. CJ Sampson* (Holt, MI)
46. Gena Sampson* (Holt, MI)
47. Jeremy Sampson* (Holt, MI)
48. Cade Smeznik (Yale, MI)
49. Bo Smith (Howell, MI)
50. Manuel Tello (Jackson, MI)
51. Brett Thiel (Lansing, MI)
52. Connor Thomas* (Marlette, MI)
53. Trevor Trierweiler* (Portland, MI)
54. Chuck Trinoskey (Logansport, IN)
55. Eric Trinoskey (St Petersburg, FL)
56. Caycee Turczyn (Lapeer, MI)
57. Aaron Van Horn (Kingston, MI)
58. Jeff Van Schaik* (Keller, TX)
59. Neil Ver Planck (Kalamazoo, MI)
60. Maurice Wannabottom (Lansing, MI)
61. Caitlyn Wells (Grand Ledge, MI)
62. Jim Wenzel (Okemos, MI)
63. Joe Wenzel (Williamston, MI)
64. Matt Whitfield (Okemos, MI)
65. Paige Winne (East Lansing, MI)

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