Third Annual Chuck Salmon Monkeyball Tournament for ALS & Autism (Folsom, La.)

Oct-ALS-2015We would like to announce the completion of this year 2015 Chuck Salmon’s Monkeyball tournament for ALS and Autism. The day went well with great weather, good friends and wonderful food and drinks. We know Chuck would be proud.

To all of you that made time in your busy schedule to attend, a very hardy thank you. I know each of you had a wonderful time. If we are blessed enough and have your continued support (hopefully with more people) this event will be around for years to come.

This winner of this 2015 event was Wendy Kahn, who was also the winner of our first tournament. She defeated Jill Salmon who was the winner of our second tournament. The guys will have to step it up next year.

For all of you that did not attend, you were missed. Hopefully next year it will fit better into your schedule.

All contributions were appreciated and will be sent to your choice of association.

Again, Thanks and God bless all.

The following is how the results of the event finished.

Champion: Wendy Kahn
Runner-Up: Jill Salmon
# of Players: 18

1.) Wendy Kahn, 15-11
2.) Jill Salmon
3.) Mark Giese
4.) Mike Verret
5.) Phil Simoneaux
6.) Cherri Desporte
7.) Eddie Desporte
8.) Brent Desporte
9.) Peggy Verret
10.) Jo Ann Desporte
11.) Tim Boyle
12.) Joe Grannan
13.) Barbara Grannan
14.) Marleigh Julian
15.) Tina Fernandez
16.) Cindy DiVincent
17.) Laura Jones
18.) Vickie Desporte

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