Simple Rules

The game is known by many other names: Ladder Golf, Redneck Golf, Rodeo Golf, Polish Horseshoes, Hillbilly Horseshoes, Hang-Em Golf, Boloball and Monkey Bar.  And many people play by different rules: some play 3 shots a side, or 3 points on the top row, or bouncing allowed, just to name a few.

But there is only one name and one set of rules for our game. Here are the simple playing rules for all officially sanctioned Monkeyball tournaments (or you can download the expanded Official Tournament Playing Rules.)

1. Set the Monkeyball trees 30 feet apart, measured from vertical post to vertical post.

2. Each Monkeyballer alternates throwing until each has thrown all 4 Monkeyballs.

3. The top limb is worth 1 point, the middle limb is 2 points, and the bottom limb 3 points.

4. Count up points after each Monkeyballer has thrown four times. Whichever Monkeyballer scored the most points is credited the difference of the two point totals. For instance, if Monkeyballer A scores 8 points and Monkeyballer B scores 5 points (8 – 5 = 3), Monkeyballer A earns a 3-0 lead.

5. Since Monkeyballer A scored the most points on the previous round, Monkeyballer A has honors and is first to throw in the next round.

6. Monkeyballs hanging on the tree at the end of the round count for points. Monkeyballs that bounced onto the tree do NOT count for points, but bounces can be used to knock others of the tree.

7. Monkeyballs wrapped around the vertical post do NOT count.

8. Games are played to 15. A Monkeyballer does not have to hit 15 exactly, but must win by 2.

Download your own copy of the Official Monkeyball Tournament Rule Book. This book will be used at all World Championship events. vpn 比較