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You asked for it, so here it is – the secret formula for determining the Monkeyball World Rankings. I don’t know if this is complex simplicity or simple complexity, I just know I’m glad I have a database doing all the computations. If you are a major nerd, or if you are bored, or if you’re just curious about this formula, be my guest and continue reading….


World Rankings are calculated based on two factors: Total Tournament Points (60%) and Average Tournament Rating (40%). The more competitors in the tournament – the more tournament points available; the higher you finish in the tournament – the higher your tournament rating. Only the last two year’s worth of tournaments are included in the calculation.

Once Total Tournament Points (TTP) and Average Tournament Ratings (ATR) are calculated for all sanctioned tournaments, players are ranked in each category and the 60/40 formula is applied to determine the World Ranking Score (WRS).

Example: Player A is ranked #5 in TPP and #12 in ATR, his WRS is 7.8 (5*0.6 + 12*0.4). Player B has a #12 TPP and #5 ATR for a WRS of 9.2 (12*0.6 + 5*0.4). Player A (7.8) would be ranked higher than Player B (9.2).

Tournament Rating

Tournament Rating is based on: 1) Place Points for your final place in the tournament, and 2) Bonus Points for your game record in the tournament. The purpose of the Bonus Points is to differentiate between players that finish in the same place, but have different tournament records.

Place Points. One hundred points is awarded to the winner of every tournament. All other competitors receive points based on the following formula, where “n” is the number of players in the tournament and “p” is the place finished in the tournament: [(n + 1 – p) / n] * 100.

Example: Player C finishes in 2nd place in an 8-person tournament. Player C receives 87.500 Place Points – [(8+1-2)/8]*100=87.500. The 3rd place finisher gets 75.000, 4th 62.500, 5th 50.000, 6th 37.500, 7th 25.000, 8th 12.500.

If competitors are tied for a place, then the points are split. Example: Player D & E tie for 3rd in a 8-person tournament, so they split the 75.000 and 62.500 points and each gets credit for 68.750 Place Points

Bonus Points. Bonus Points are calculated based on your winning percentage for the tournament multiplied by 10. A maximum of 10.000 Bonus Points are available for each tournament (100% [or 1.0] times 10 = 10).

Example: Player F finishes a tournament with three wins and two losses, so he receives 6.000 Bonus Points (.600*10=6.000)

Tournament Rating. Your final Tournament Rating (TR) for the tournament is simply your Place Points plus your Bonus Points.

Example: Player G finishes in 2nd place in an 8-person tournament (87.500 points). Her record was 3-2 (6.000 points). Her Tournament Rating is 93.500.

Tournament Points

Tournament Points attempts to factor in the size of the tournament for determining rankings. An undefeated first place finish in an 8-person tournament (110.000 TR) is not as impressive as an undefeated first place finish in a 64-person tournament (also a 110.000 TR).

Multiplier. Tournament Points (TP) is the product of the TR and a Tournament Multiplier. The Multiplier is 1.000 for an 8-person tournament, 2.000 for a 16-person tournament, 4.000 for a 32-person tournament, 8.000 for a 64-person tournament and so on. The multiplier increases .125 for every additional competitor.

Multiplier Example: From an 8-person to 16-person tournament, the multiplier increases by .125 for every additional competitor. A 9-person tournament multiplier is 1.125 and a 15-person tournament multiplier is 1.875. From a 16-person to a 32-person tournament, the multiplier also increases by .125 for every additional competitor. A 17-person tournament multiplier is 2.125 and 31-person tournament multiplier is 3.875.

Tournament Points. TP is the product of TR and the Multiplier. If Player H has an 88.48 TR in a 11-person tournament with a 1.375 Mulitplier, her TTP is 121.67 (88.46*1.375).

Total Tournament Points and Average Tournament Rating

The World Ranking takes into account Tournament Points earned from all tournaments and the weighted average of all Tournament Ratings from all tournaments. Total Tournament Points is simply the sum of all Tournament Points. Average Tournament Rating is the quotient of Total Tournament Points and the sum of the Multipliers from all tournaments competed in.

ATR Example: Player J competes in 2 tournaments. In tournament #1 he finishes with 135.000 Tournament Points with a 1.500 Multiplier (90.000 TR). In tournament #2 he finishes with 100.000 TP with a 2.000 Multiplier (50.000 TR). His ATR is 67.143 [(135+100) / (1.5+2)]. His TTP is 235.000.

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