World Championships

MB12: 2016 World Championships — Erickson Park, Lansing, MI

mb12For years the MB chatter was always “will Dean Allen win again?” And with six gold medals it was a legitimate question. Andy Frushour, though, is now on his heals. Frushour reached the quarterfinals for the tenth consecutive year and eventually repeated as Monkeyball World Champion. His third title, though, came without Allen in the field leaving the MB community to wonder if the MB G.O.A.T. will ever come back. Frushour topped MB5 champ Chuck Trinoskey (Logansport, IN) in a high-scoring championship match while Andi Osters (Lansing, MI) took bronze (she also won silver at MB3).  Full Review of MB12 >>>

MB11: 2015 World Championships — Erickson Park, Lansing, MI

MB11-Top3In the history of the World Championships, only one player had ever won more than once – six-time champ Dean Allen (Redford, MI).  In 2015, though, Commissioner Andy Frushour (DeWitt, MI) topped Allen to become the second multi-Worlds champion (his first came in 2011). Not since the rain of MB6 and the heat of MB8 had weather been such a factor – the afternoon wind of MB11 was a real game-changer.  Ropes were blown off of normal trajectories, and ballers had to dodge runaway tents as they blew across the grounds. The heavyweight championship bout was one sided with Frushour winning gold, and Brett Boden (Evergreen Park, IL) followed up his 2014 championship with bronze in 2015. Full Review of MB11 >>>

MB10: 2014 World Championships — Erickson Park, Lansing, MI

MB10-FinalThreeIt’s not easy to win a World Championship.  Well, Dean has made it look easy six times — but it takes some luck, some great ballin’, and you must beat the best players in the world.  En route to winning the MB10 championship, Brett Boden (Evergreen Park, IL) had to beat the #s 1, 3 and 4 players in the world, in addition to personally defeating the three players who had knocked him out in his four previous trips to the World Championships.  Ryan LePeak (Jackson, MI) shook a monkey off his own back by making the semifinals for the first time and finishing second, even though the championship match was one of the quickest in recent memory. Andy Frushour (DeWitt, MI) won a rematch of the MB9 consolation match to take home his fifth Worlds medal (1 gold, 1 silver and now 3 bronze). Full review of MB10 >>>


MB9: 2013 World Championships — Erickson Park, Lansing, MI

It was deja vu all over again.  Even though we were at a new venue for the first time since MB2, the result was the same: Dean Allen (Redford, MI) took on all comers to take home is sixth world title. The story was almost about a tank-top-wearing Cinderella by the name of Matt Danely (Logansport, IN), but the clock struck midnight shortly after Danely took Allen to third game in the championship match.  Dan Kidle continued is recent success at Worlds, finishing with the bronze after taking silver in 2012. While all the ballers missed the hospitality of The Old Orchard, Erickson Park proved its mettle and is sure to be a great World Championships host for the foreseeable future.    Full Review of MB9 >>>

MB8: 2012 World Championships — The Old Orchard, Dimondale, MI

Every sport has its “Michael Jordan” — the one athlete with skills better than everyone else, and a competitive drive to match.  Only one baller has won the golden Monkeyballs on more than one occasion, and in 2012, our MJ/Tiger/Federer took home his fifth career World title.  Dean Allen (Redford, MI) topped the field of 94 players, but not without a three-game championship fight from Dan Kidle (Ann Arbor, MI).  Kidle also took silver to Allen’s gold at MB6.  Commissioner Andy Frushour (DeWitt, MI) was again on the medal stand with a third place finish.  While Dean will always remember MB8 as the year he got a ring for each finger, then other competitors will remember it for the extreme heat.  Mother Nature has played a distinct role in three of the past four Worlds, so I think we’re all ready for a dry and pleasant forecast at MB9.   Full Review of MB8 >>>

MB7: 2011 World Championships — The Old Orchard, Dimondale, MI

Commissioner Andy Frushour (DeWitt, MI) had gotten close before.  He finished second at MB4 and third at MB5.  And at MB7, he finally got the proverbial monkey off his back by defeating four-time World Champ Dean Allen (Redford, MI).  The championship match was a high-scoring back-and-forth affair, a great finish for a tournament with the deepest and most talented field to date (Jason Salmon from Marietta, GA, took third).  Over 100 players again joined the festivities at the Old Orchard, and an hours-worth of showers couldn’t dampen the mood.  But how could it with Jim Blair manning the smoker and the BBQ sandwiches, and all the proceeds going to Grace’s Gang (for juvenile diabetes research).  Full Review of MB7 >> or  Video Review of MB7 >>

MB6: 2010 World Championships— The Old Orchard,  Dimondale, MI

Somehow, we all forgot about Dean Allen.  With all the talk of preview videos, MB5 rain and a deeper field, the three-time champ came in under the radar.  96 players took to the Old Orchard on a beautiful August day, and the world class morning action on the Center Courts proved that any one of a dozen people could take the MB6 gold medal (which was new in 2010).  Monkeyball Jesus started the day with a 12-Monkeys, and a first-time event — the “Big Rack Challenge” — was won by 12 year-old Ryan Hintz during the lunch hour.  Seven of the World’s Top 10 reached the quarterfinals, including eventual 2nd place finisher and Birthday Boy Dan Kidle (Indianapolis, IN).  But just like three times previously, it was Dean Allen (Redford, MI) who stole the show — winning his fourth championship in dominating fashion.    Full Review of MB6 >>

MB5: 2009 World Championships — The Old Orchard,  Dimondale, MI

We knew ahead of time that MB5 would be the best World Championships to date, but what we didn’t know is the amount of fun we could have in a driving rain storm.  The rain started before setup at the Old Orchard began, continued throughout the day, and was at its heaviest during the beginning of the afternoon session.  The amazing part?  There’s never been more smiles at an MB event.  Maybe it was because we love Monkeyball.  Maybe it was because we tore through 4 kegs.  Whatever the reason, we had fun playing in the rain.  The Center Courts featured the Top 16 players in the world, and in the end, we had a new champion as Logansport, Indiana’s Chuck Trinoskey (silver medalist at MB1) defeated Marietta, Georgia’s Jason Salmon.  Full review of MB5 >> or Video review of MB5 >>

MB4: 2008 World Championships — The Old Orchard, Dimondale, MI

With the Old Orchard now the permanent home (at least for now) of the Monkeyball World Championships, we aimed for 100 players.  We added 6 more courts bringing us to 18 simultaneous games, two of which were set in the middle of the field.  The two Center Courts and surrounding tents, trailer and PA system became the focal point of the day’s activities.  110 players (including 15 from the Southern Monkeyball Conference of Alabama and Georgia) attempted to dethrone the two-time defending champ Dean Allen.  In a performance reminiscent of MB2, Dean Allen went undefeated against all comers and defeated Andy Frushour in the championship match.  Full review of MB4 >>

MB3: 2007 World Championships — The Old Orchard, Dimondale, MI

After MB2, we knew we needed more room.  The inaugural champion, Jim Blair, offered his property for our event.  Appropriately dubbed the Old Orchard (since the property was an apple orchard only a few years prior), the grounds were the perfect place for our growing game.  81 players balled on 12 courts, and the skill level of the ballers had greatly improved since MB2 — probably because many more adopted the Pinch throw.  Defending champ, Dean Allen, lost his first game of the day to Andrew Alexander.  And even though Dean didn’t dominate like in ’06, he still made it to the championship match where he avenged his opening round loss and defeated Alexander for his second straight World Championship.  Full review of MB3 >>

MB2: 2006 World Championships — Carp National, Mason, MI

Sometime in the early 2000s, Joe Frushour saw a ladderball-type game at a campground and introduced it to his kids.  After some tinkering with rules, equipment and the name of the game, the brothers Frushour decided on the name Monkeyball and started playing by the Frushour rules.  So it only seemed natural that one of the initial World Championship tournaments were played at the Godfather of Monkeyball — Joe Frushour’s — house (now known as Carp National).  The event drew 60 ballers (on 8 courts) and a local news crew — Monkeyball was now on the map.  In terms of the competition, there really wasn’t any — Dean Allen rolled through the competition with his “pinch” throwing style, ultimately beating Curtis McFall in the championship.  Full review of MB2 >>

MB1: 2005 World Championships — Rockford & Strathmore, Lansing, MI

It all started with two neighbors throwing some ropes and drinking some beer.  Andy Frushour and Curtis McFall, homeowners on the corner of Rockford and Strathmore in Lansing, Mich., decided to invite a group of friends over and have a big Monkeyball tournament.  30 players showed up the first-ever World Championships, where Jim Blair (aka “JB”) topped Chuck Trinoskey in the Finals.  After the event, it was decided that we would: 1) do it again next year; 2) make it even bigger in 2006; 3) make a website to promote the game; and 4) write a rule book instead of letting the Commish make up rules on the fly (see Rule 3.0.1 in the official tournament rule book).  Full review of MB1 >> vpn 比較