8/4/12 – WORLDS – MB8

2012 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: The 8th annual World Monkeyball Championships is scheduled for Saturday, August 4. Once again, we are limited to the first 144 PAID Monkeyballers. Even if you’ve been with us since MB1, your spot isn’t secure until we’ve collected your $10 entry fee.

You’ll also want one of the official American Apparel (by popular demand) MB8 t-shirts for $15.  The design (at right) was created by graphic designer and world #22 Casey Frushour and is sure to be a fan favorite. MB gear is always a hot commodity.  The only way to guarantee you get a shirt is to order now — we will only have about two dozen extras available the day of the event.  Email me if you want me to put one on hold for you.

So do this now:

  1. Send me an email (andy@playmonkeyball.com) and tell me you’re in. And forward this page to your friends.
  2. Tell me how many t-shirts/sizes you need.
  3. Send me $$$ to confirm your place in the tournament. Cash or check is fine: 108 Windyrush Ln, DeWitt, MI, 48820. If you have a PayPal account, you can send directly to me at afrushour@gmail.com (THIS IS PREFERRED). Or, if your want to pay by credit card I can email you an invoice via PayPal.

Other pertinent information…

  • Worlds will once again be held at the Old Orchard in Dimondale, Mich., just outside Lansing. This location has been great for the last five events, and we’re expecting more of the same at MB8.  (Address is 3426 N. Michigan Rd.)
  • Start time is 10am, but opening ceremonies begin at 9:45.  You can even get out there as early as 8:30 to start practicing.  We’re usually done by about 4:00pm.
  • I will once again be providing beer, but I’m asking for some extra dough from our beer drinkers. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about a lot — just throw a few extra bucks in the hat (certainly much less than you would spend if you were bringing your own).
  • For the second year-in-a-row we’re rolling in a trailer/grill/smoker and will have BBQ pork loin sandwiches (and burgers and dogs) available for sale.  Trust me, it will be cheap (I think it was $5 for a sandwich and chips last year) and it will taste awesome.  All lunch proceeds will go to Grace’s Gang — a non-profit group started by my buddy that raises money to buy insulin pumps for kids with Juvenile Diabetes (like his daughter, Grace).


MB8 Previews: Sun | Mon | Tues | Wed | Thurs


As of August 2, 11:00p, * indicates registration payment received.

1. Andrew Alexander*     (Paw Paw, MI)
2. Dean Allen     (Redford, MI)
3. Diane Anderson     (Jackson, MI)
4. Matt Anderson     (Jackson, MI)
5. Melissa Baldwin*     (Lansing, MI)
6. John Bauman     (Dexter, MI)
7. Jed Blanton*     (Lansing, MI)
8. Jordan Blazo*     (West Lafayette, IN)
9. Brett Boden     (East Lansing, MI)
10. Ben Bush     (New York City, NY)
11. Cherie Chapman*     (Mason, MI)
12. Nick Chapman*     (Mason, MI)
13. Chris Connell     (Owosso, MI)
14. Mike Connell     (Perry, MI)
15. Tom Connell     (Owosso, MI)
16. Sean Dameron*     (Birmingham, AL)
17. Matt Danely*     (Logansport, MI)
18. Michelle Danely*     (Logansport, MI)
19. Rex Danely     (Logansport, IN)
20. Bobbi Duchene     (Lansing, MI)
21. Andy Frushour*     (DeWitt, MI)
22. Casey Frushour*     (Ann Arbor, MI)
23. Dan Frushour*     (Lansing, MI)
24. Joe Frushour*     (Mason, MI)
25. Hannah Gillmer     (Ann Arbor, MI)
26. Kevin Gunns*     (Okemos, MI)
27. Sam Gustafson     (DeWitt, MI)
28. Sarah Gustafson     (DeWitt, MI)
29. Erin Hagen     (East Lansing, MI)
30. Keith Hagen     (East Lansing, MI)
31. Briley Hawks*     (West Lafayette, IN)
32. Matt Heilbronn*     (Ann Arbor, MI)
33. Ned Huestis     (Jackson, MI)
34. Bill Johnson*     (Kalamazoo, MI)
35. Dave Johnson     (Jackson, MI)
36. Josh Kapp     (Lansing, MI)
37. Andy Kidle*     (Ann Arbor, MI)
38. Dan Kidle*     (Ann Arbor, MI)
39. Jo Kidle*     (Ann Arbor, MI)
40. Katie Kidle*     (Ann Arbor, MI)
41. Annie Kirk*     (Lansing, MI)
42. Dan Kubacki*     (Perrysburg, OH)
43. Dave Kubacki*     (Perrysburg, OH)
44. Jilian Kubacki*     (Perrysburg, OH)
45. Chrissy Lane     (Mt Pleasant, MI)
46. Ryan LePeak     (Jackson, MI)
47. Toby Lepeak     (Jackson, MI)
48. J Mankowski     (Okemos, MI)
49. Meghan McCool     (Lansing, MI)
50. Clare McFadden*     (Ann Arbor, MI)
51. Heidi McFadden*     (Ann Arbor, MI)
52. Tom McFadden*     (Ann Arbor, MI)
53. Katie McPherson     (Lansing, MI)
54. Brian Meyer     (Ann Arbor, MI)
55. Sara Meyer     (Ann Arbor, MI)
56. Brent Morrow*     (Fowlerville, MI)
57. Paul Mountain*     (Chicago, IL)
58. Vickie Mountain*     (Chicago, IL)
59. Jason Nash     (Lansing, MI)
60. Eric Neusiis*     (Grand Rapids, MI)
61. Chris Oakley     (Jackson, MI)
62. Kristie Oakley     (Jackson, MI)
63. Tony Olds*     (Grand Ledge, MI)
64. Andi Osters     (Okemos, MI)
65. Julie Petri*     (Marietta, GA)
66. Christy Price     (Lansing, MI)
67. Mike Price     (Lansing, MI)
68. Joe Pudil     (Jackson, MI)
69. Jon Ross*     (Lansing, MI)
70. Adam Schrauben     (Portland, MI)
71. Al Schrauben     (Portland, MI)
72. Alex Schrauben     (Portland, MI)
73. Mark Shetler     (Brighton, MI)
74. Dan Smith*     (Atlanta, GA)
75. Jeff Smith     (Kalamazoo, MI)
76. Liz Stomski*     (Lansing, MI)
77. Kevin Stripling     (Detroit, MI)
78. Manuel Tello     (Jackson, MI)
79. Mary Ann Thayer     (Walled Lake, MI)
80. Megan Thayer     (Detroit, MI)
81. Aimee Trinoskey     (St Petersburg, FL)
82. Chuck Trinoskey     (Logansport, IN)
83. Eric Trinoskey     (St Petersburg, FL)
84. Ami Van Antwerp*     (Okemos, MI)
85. Mike Van Antwerp*     (Okemos, MI)
86. Neil Verplanck     (Kalamazoo, MI)
87. Greg Warning*     (Swartz Creek, MI)
88. Amanda Wenzel     (Williamston, MI)
89. Jim Wenzel     (Okemos, MI)
90. Joe Wenzel     (Williamston, MI)
91. Josh Whitfield     (Kalamazoo, MI)
92. Matt Whitfield     (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
93. Jesse Williams     (Lansing, MI)
94. Brian Wood*     (San Jose, CA)
95. Matt Wright     (Eaton Rapids, MI)
96. Joe Zimmerman     (Lansing, MI)


  1. #15 says:

    It is 7/16 and no smack talk? What the hell? Questions that need to be answered:
    1. Can Osters ball with one leg?
    2. Will Dean wear the Tigers home or away cap?
    3. Will Marrow ever throw the damn ropes?
    4. Will Dameron avoid the play in game this year?

    So much suspense and so little time.

  2. MB Evangelist says:

    1. no doubt, the boot isn’t on her mouth
    2. home, but does it really matter?
    3. doubtful, but it works
    4. i sure hope so

    and i want to add a question:
    5. which flag will hagen paint on himself this year?

  3. DINO says:

    New hat this year. Sporting green, will unveil at the ocho. Whose this Marrow fellow? I’ve heard of Brent Morrow. Must from the bizarro world.

    6. Any Salmons in this year’s tourney?
    7. Can Frush repeat?
    8. What the hell is Matt Whitfield doing in the United Arab Emirates?

  4. #15 says:

    Morrow is correct. Sorry Dino.

    9. Will Brett Thiel be able to play with his monkeyballs in his girlfriend’s purse?
    10. Is Jackson, MI the new SoMoCo?

    By the way my t shirt last year is in the pro monkeyball hall of fame in dedication to my 12 monkeys.

  5. Bootylicious says:

    11. Will the first-ever Bachelor party in attendance be able to remain upright for the afternoon session?
    12. Will Champion Frush go humble or A-hole in this year’s preview vids?
    13. Can Melissa Baldwin slow-play her way into the afternoon?
    14. Who will get naked and streak Centre Court, other than various infants and KGunns?
    15. Has Alexander gotten any taller, and if so, can he challenge Snoop?

  6. Elaine Dameron says:

    I finally decided to check out the Southern slams tonight and found nothing. What is going on? Have we dwindled to such a small number now that it’s just not worth it? Whatever the reason, I thank you for letting my blood pressure stay in the normal range!! I almost decided to come and meet one and all this year, but I’ve decided to let Sean leave me in Louisville. It’s too many 5-6 hr. drives in too few days.

  7. Andy Frushour says:

    You’re a few days early, Elaine. The vids will start hitting the website on Sunday…and I’m sure the SoMoCo folks will be mentioned. Sean will likely go unscathed — we’re thankful he’s joining us for Worlds again. But I’m guessing others will not be so lucky, most notably Jason Salmon who’s bailing on us this year.

  8. I am eagerly anticipating the vids, and yes, I will be absent for this year’s tourney. There have been many false accusations of Performance-, and Height-, enhancing drug use. I state my innocence in PED use; the fact that I am only 5’2″ should be testament enough on the other.

    My plan is to fall out of the Top-16 for MB9, and play through the outside brackets in a sneak-attack move to claim the elusive prize.

  9. Elaine Dameron says:

    Oh crap! I’ve been time challenged lately and was falsely relieved to think there wouldn’t be anything to irritate me this year! It’s good to know that Sean will escape (hopefully) this year, but don’t be too hard on “absent” Jason since he’s pretty special to me too.

  10. Lucky 13 Seed says:

    Is it just me or did the Commish and Gimps set me up for a true monkeystomping on Center Court? I guess we’ll find out Saturday. Since everyone knows that AO and I play better when the wheels are greased, you might be witnessing a slam o’clock at 10 am…

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