8/14/10 – Doubles: Brooklyn, MI

Official NTL Press Release

Plan on heading down to Michigan International Speedway for the August NASCAR event and, more importantly,  Doubles Monkeyball on the big stage.  We’re partnering with the National Tailgating League for this one-of-a-kind event.  32 teams, single-elimination, and lots of drunken fans.  Should be fun.  Details are starting to roll in…

  • Doubles tournament on SATURDAY, Aug. 14 starting at noon.  Entry fee is $10 per team.  NTL will be providing prizes (including cash to the winners).
  • Online registration is available now on the NTL website.  I’d love to get many MB vets there.
  • Courts will be set up at the Budweiser sponsored NTL area in the New Holland Fan Plaza. The Fan Plaza is outside the track, right behind the grandstand.
  • The Nationwide race starts at 2:00, so we should have TONS of foot traffic walking by during our tournament.
  • There is free parking and free trams that drop you off at/near the free Fan Plaza.  Give yourself plenty of time, though — there is always traffic leading into the MIS area, and thousands of people will be trying to get to our area at the same time.

Fan Plaza Map (PDF)
Parking/Tram Map (PDF)
MIS Facility Map (PDF)


  1. Keith Hagen says:

    I am taking applications for a teammate that is looking to capture monkeyball glory. Just a thought but shouldn’t there be some sort of rule in doubles play where say two of the top 10 can not play on the same squad or something to that fashion.

  2. Andy Frushour says:

    Wouldn’t it be more fun to beat top-10 teammates? I think we’ll just let anyone partner and see how it goes. Full disclosure: my services have already been requested…by another top 10 player.

  3. Keith Hagen says:

    You should make whoever plays you use tighter and shorter ropes also. Maybe blindfolded. Just spit balling here.

  4. Jason Salmon says:

    I don’t know who asked you, Frush…but I am hoping to see the Allen/Frushour (Dean/Dru) tandem take this doubles tournament.

  5. Dren says:

    Putting a feeler out for memorial day MB tourney in EL

  6. Hagen says:

    If we are around I am in. I would call it a 20% chance we around though.

  7. Andy Frushour says:

    I know these Doubles teams have officially registered. Anyone else?

    1 Andy Frushour/Dean Allen
    2 Andi Osters/Andrew Alexander
    3 Casey Frushour/Joe Frushour
    4 Keith Hagen/Brett Boden
    5 Dan Renner/Jason Quaine

  8. Dean Allen says:

    I’ve heard of Jason Quaine, but who is Dan Renner?

  9. Dren says:

    Dan Renner is a known that is willing to play in a major doubles tournament with an unknown, unlike the Miami crew of Allen/Frushour

  10. Andi O. says:

    After MB6, this little firecracker is lit and ready. Andrew and I are hungry for a W. Late-night practice Friday will have our limbs loose and livers ready.

  11. sean dameron says:

    good luck m-ballers! wish i could be there!!

  12. Dren says:

    I’m wondering what kind of pool play/doubles tournys will spawn out of this today and tmrw

  13. #8? says:

    congrats to team Froushour. Joe was lights out today.

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