1/8/11 – Mason, MI

Mason HS Indoor Classic II

Date: Saturday, January 8, 2011

Location: Mason High School, 1001 S Barnes St, Mason, MI.  The tournament will be in the OLD gym. Park in front of the school (west side of the school) and walk through the front doors. Follow the sounds of Monkeyballs hitting ladders.

Last Year: The Commish defeated the reigning World Champ in the championship.

RSVP/Fees: If you want to play, just send me an email — andy@playmonkeyball.com. Registration is $5, bring it the day of the tournament.  T-shirts will be available, too, for $15.  Email me your order now to make sure you have one reserved.

Who Can Enter?: Anyone. Young and old. Male and female. Veterans and rookies. Skilled and unskilled. Pinchers and traddys. Long-time MB followers and first-time visitors to this website. Local ballers and people from all over the world.

12:00 – Setup begins.
12:15-12:45 – Registration
12:15ish- Courts open for warmup/practice
12:45 – Players Meeting (all players must attend)
1:00 – Games Begin
5:00ish – Approximate end of the tournament

Format: Right now, who knows? My goal will be to get you as many games as possible (minimum of 2 per person) and use the entire 4 hours we have the gym.

Sanction/Rules: This is a sanctioned tournament. All players will receive World Rankings points. The Official Rules of Monkeyball will govern play (for a quick tutorial, read the basic rules).

Food/Drink: Bring your own, but plan on eating lunch before you arrive and dinner after you leave the tournament. This is a NO alcohol tournament.

Tournament List: These people have all indicated participation via e-mail — many more have expressed real interest. Send me your name and I’ll add you to the list.  Participants as of January 6…

1. Dean Allen
2. Matt Anderson
3. Brett Boden
4. Andy Frushour
5. Casey Frushour
6. Dan Frushour
7. Joe Frushour
8. Keith Hagen
9. Matt  Haynick
10. Ned Huestis
11. Andy Kidle
12. Dan Kidle
13. Geoff Kimmerly
14. Greg Lattig
15. Beckitt LePeak
16. Ryan LePeak
17. J Mankowski
18. Meghan McCool
19. Chris Oakley
20. Kristie Oakley
21. Samantha Oakley
22. Tony Olds
23. Andi Osters
24. Dan Renner
25. Jon Ross
26. Brett Thiel
27. Charlie Trinoskey
28. Amanda Wenzel
29. Jim Wenzel
30. Joe Wenzel
31. Matt Whitfield


  1. dren says:

    I take it there will be no pistachio pudding shots?

  2. Dean Allen says:

    Brent Morrow where are you! I need to avenge my loss last year, calling you out bro!

  3. Andy Frushour says:

    This event is turning into one of Monkeyball’s mini-majors. I wonder if anyone from down south will join us?

  4. #5 says:

    #5 is looking to become #4.

  5. #4 says:

    Needs to schedule a tourney quick to keep that from happening!

  6. Andy Frushour says:

    I’m expecting about half of the Top 25 to be there, and with the number of people who will likely play (40+) we could get some big-time movement in the rankings — especially with those ballers in the #4 to #10 range.

  7. #5 says:

    Rex Ryan got me thinking. Who is most likely to have a video leaked prior to Worlds?

  8. Andy Frushour says:

    No brainer: Chuck T.

  9. Andi says:

    This is a serious event. And I’ll do pistachio pudding shots under two (2) conditions. (1) They must be virgin, and (2) they must be off of a hairy white chest.

  10. #5 says:

    Frush what is the format for this blood bath?

  11. Andy Frushour says:

    Based on our current projected # of players, it looks like we’ll break into a couple groups and play double-elimination until the last 16 are standing. Those 16 will then play single-elimination best of three. Format is a lot like Worlds.

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