Welcome to the official Monkeyball store where you can get equipment and t-shirts.  We don’t run a real fancy e-commerce operation, so just e-mail your order to, and then send me a check or I can send you a PayPal invoice.


This is for you, Cole.  No one else better mess with this.








Let’s cut to the chase: the only way to be completely prepared for the Monkeyball World Championships is to practice on official Worlds equipment.  A full set (2 ladders and 4 ropes each for 2 players) is $70 plus shipping.  Photos of equipment in action can be found here, here and here.  A set of balls only is $25.

Yes, this equipment is more expensive than the cheap plastic stuff sold in big box stores. Our equipment is homemade, hand-crafted in the garage of the godfather of Monkeyball (Joe “Carp” Frushour) using the finest PVC and braided nylon rope sold at Lowe’s. And we take great pride in that authentic “built-at-home” look; you know you’re playing with real Monkeyball gear when you see glue stains, Sharpie marks and manufacturer ink stamps. The balls are ordered in bulk, drilled by hand, and then strung in the Commish’s front room.  Trust me, the roping process is a pain — just let us make it for you.

Send me an email an we’ll get to work using the raw materials pictured above.  And choose two colors for your balls — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white.  The colored balls are standard putt-putt balls, while the white balls are actually used golf balls that will likely have some kind of sponsor logo.


Official tournament t-shirts are always a favorite of Monkeyballers across the country. We still have a few shirts lefts from previous events, and each is $10 (unless otherwise noted).

MB6: 2010 Worlds
1 Medium, 3 Large, 1 XX-Large

MB5: 2009 Worlds
4 Large, 1 X-Large

MB4: 2008 Worlds
1 Medium

MB3: 2007 Worlds

MB2: 2006 Worlds
3 Medium, 1 Large

MB1: 2005 Worlds
1 XX-Large

2011 ($15)
American Apparel — 7 M, 4 L

2 Medium, 6 X-Large

2010 Mason Indoor Classic
2 X-Large, 1 XX-Large

Frosted Plastic Cups ($1)
Koozies ($2)


These shirts are printed one at a time by Cafe Press – an online printing company. Printing, distribution, payment collection, customer service — all that stuff — is taken care of by the fine Cafe Press people.  Go to the Monkeyball store at Cafe Press >> vpn 比較