Pre-Labor Day Thrasher Lane Throwdown (Hoover, AL)

While not the Biblical proportion rain that fell on MB 5, steady showers greeted 10 veteran ballers for the Pre-Labor Day Thrasher Lane Throwdown on Sunday afternoon, August 29 in Hoover, AL. But after having endured weeks of hot dry weather with temperatures in the 90+ range, the group decided that clouds, rain and 80 degrees sounded pretty good.

Scott Salmon breezed through the winners bracket, while his ultimate opponent in the finals, Michael Jones, decided to do it the hard way, losing to Doug Maxwell in the first round. (We think Doug has been secretly practicing at night.) But Jones pulled it together and progressed through the losers bracket, making it to the finals after battling Chuck Salmon (who was sporting his New Orleans Saints jersey) in the semis. In the end, Jones claimed his first tournament victory with a hard-fought best two out of three set against Scott.

A great start to the fall SoMoCo Monkey Ball season, which will no doubt see lots of tourneys sandwiched in between football games.

Champion: Michael Jones
Runner-Up: Scott Salmon
# of Players: 10

Bracket/Results (PDF)


  1. sean dameron says:

    nice win, mike!

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