NTL Doubles Championship at MIS (Brooklyn, MI)

There have been a few Monkeyball doubles tournaments in the past, but none have come with the fanfare of the NTL Doubles Championship at MIS.  Monkeyball teamed with the good folks at the National Tailgating League to host this tournament right behind the grandstands at Michigan International Speedway during the August NASCAR weekend.  The goal of the Monkeyball veterans in attendance was, no doubt, to keep the championship within the MB family – and with this, we didn’t disappoint.

Of course, a lot of the pre-event talk was about the Miami Heat-like pairing of four-time World Champ Dean Allen and Commissioner Andy Frushour.  While warming up at the Brooklyn Trails campground, this tandem was nearly unbeatable.  But once the real games started, Lebron and Wade faltered to a T-5th finish thanks in big part to HUGE 9-0 racks thrown by Andrew Alexander and Dan Renner.

With the Commish and Champ out, the door was wide open to the four other veteran MB duos and the 11 rookie teams representing Grand Rapids, Port Huron, Toledo and Canada among other places.  But let’s be real for a second: those 11 newbies really didn’t stand a chance again the veteran players of the Monkeyball circuit (but we certainly hope they’ll work on their games for the next 12 months and join us at MB7!).

Even though the door was open, the godfather of Monkeyball, Joe “Carp” Frushour, slammed it closed damned fast.  The dude was on fire the entire day and was certainly the MVP of the team that included his buff son, Casey (photo evidence at right).  Down 12-2 in the championship match, Team Frushour fought back to take home the championship – and $100 – over a game Andi Osters and Andrew Alexander (“game” meaning ready for a fight, not stinky from camping overnight and having pistachio pudding stains on your favorite MB shirt).

Other than two losses to the Frushours, Osters/Alexander rolled through stiff competition.  They beat Allen/Frushour in the winners bracket semis (in hindsight, not really that big of a deal).  They also beat Brett Boden/Keith Hagen twice, one time to reach the championship match.  The Hagen/Boden team was not a surprise third-place finisher.  Hagen has finished 4th and T-5th at the last two world championships, and Brett Boden and his Talent Juice may be the future of Monkeyball with his best Monkeyball-ing (and Spikeball-ing) years are still ahead of him.

Teammates Dan Renner and Jason Quaine were on a virtual Monkeyaball blind date, meeting for the first time at MIS.  And there were certainly question marks.  Would Quaine show up on time?  He was the only MBaller not to meet at the camp site.  Once at MIS, would Quaine hold his own throwing traddy?  How long would it take them to gel?  Things looked bleak in game one, losing to Allen/Frushour 15-1 – but then it turned around — and they were able to avenge that early loss on the way to a fourth place finish.

All in all, it was a great day for Monkeyball.  Special thanks to our new friends at the National Tailgating League for making this event happen – Colin, Todd, Bob, Amy and others.  We hope you’ll invite us back to MIS next August, and we especially hope you’ll all join next summer at the 2011 World Championships.

Renner videos: View From TopMoney Presentation | More

# of Teams: 16
Champion: Casey Frushour/Joe Frushour
Runner-up: Andrew Alexander/Andi Osters
3rd Place: Brett Boden/Keith Hagen

Bracket/Results (PDF)


  1. Salmon says:

    Seriously. Does Casey not own a shirt? Looks like y’all had a great time. Looking forward to seeing the NTL crew in Baton Rouge for the LSU/Bama game in November!

  2. Dren says:

    If I had that P90X bod I wouldn’t own a shirt either. I’m still in recovery mode from last weekend and I didn’t even drink on Sunday. What an incredible experience. Great MB group. Too many stories to tell.

    Shot shot shot shot shot

  3. #8 says:

    I really wanted a shot at Team Frushour last weekend. Brett and I just couldn’t get rolling at the same time. I take full responsiblity for the loss to Osters and Alexander. Boden is a top 20 talent. Again congrats to Joe and Casey. Oh and by the way if you weren’t there on saturday Joe and Casey both played topless all day. Great strategy.

  4. Andi says:

    Withdrawal is setting in bigtime.

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