MBX3 (Moody, AL)

mbX3 was the 3rd annual indoor tournament for the Bright House Foundation and took place on February 25th.  We didn’t have as big of a draw as the previous tourneys, but all of the players at mbX3 were Monkeyball vets.

This year we were honored to have the #1 world ranked Monkeyballer and his crazy britches back on the brackets.  Jason Salmon did not disappoint as he made a run straight to the finals.  Jason’s mom, Jill Salmon, wasn’t originally planning to play, but she showed up and won her bracket.  Randy Nelms showed up planning to play a couple of games, but he ended up going 12 games and taking 4th overall.  Ryan Hammock had a nice showing and just barely missed the final four.  Ryan and Andy Easley played the longest match of the day with Ryan winning the 3rd game 16-14.  Joey Whitehurst wasn’t happy with last year’s finish, and was determined to get on the podium.  He stunned Jill in a 3-game battle, then topped Bright House Foundation co-founder Tony Kurre to get to the final four.  Joey lost to Sean Dameron in the semis, but was able to finish off Randy Nelms and take home the bronze Monkeyballs.  Birthday boy Sean Dameron had a good day going 10-0 and taking home the golden Monkeyballs for the 2nd year in a row.

We were able to bring in about $700 for the Bright House Foundation through donations, entry fees, tshirt sales, and raffle tickets.  (Brad Morgan won the half-and-half raffle and generously donated his winnings to the foundation.  Joey Whitehurst continued his hot streak and won the Big Rack Challenge, where he also donated his winnings to the foundation!)

Thanks again to Todd & Amy Bragan and Shane Sharpe for allowing us to use their gym to host the event!  Many thanks to those that donated door prizes (Cafe Luigi, Tom Dameron, The Legendary Pineapple Skinners, & Loopholes)!  And thanks to Tony & Nancy Kurre for all that you do with the Bright House Foundation!!

Champion: Sean Dameron
Runner-Up: Jason Salmon
# of Players: 28

Results/Bracket (PDF)


  1. #14 says:

    Congrats Sean. You need to bring that mojo North.

  2. MB Evangelist says:

    No kidding…something happens to my mojo once I cross the mason-Dixon

  3. mb says:

    When are the new world rankings gonna be posted?

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