MB8 Previews: Wednesday

After today there’s on one day left of Monkeyball TV for MB8.  I know, I bummed too.  We covered the groups the past two days, and now we’re building toward our Thursday predictions

If you can’t wait to see who your first round opponent might be, download the the official MB8 Pre-Tournament Brackets.  We will have many additions (and a few deletions) to the brackets come game day, so your opponents might change bu Saturday.

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We love the Olympics.  We love Monkeyball.  So why not talk about both?  This video needed a few edits — one due to interruptions from the Commish’s youngest daughter, and one due to some difficulties with our opening minute.  Some day we may release the raw footage of the opening we had to throw out, but for now, enjoy some mid-Olympic MBall talk.


  1. DK says:

    Ok, I guess I have no choice but to show up to MB8 wearing nothing but an American flag speedo and swimcap. You’re welcome, Osters.

    The real question is who do we need to bribe to see monkeyball in Rio in 2016?

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