MB8 Previews: Tuesday

It’s Group Day on Monkeyball TV.  A&A take a look at all four groups, talk about some story lines from each, and make a few predictions.

If you can’t wait to see who your first round opponent might be, download the the official MB8 Pre-Tournament Brackets.  We will have many additions (and a few deletions) to the brackets come game day, so your opponents might change bu Saturday.

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Just because they’re not in the Top 16, don’t count out these ballers.  Our hosts take us through many of the names that dot the brackets in the four qualifying groups.  Who will make it to the afternoon?  Who will go home as a loser of the play-in game?  A&A will give you some insight.

It’s time for your random YouTube clip of today.  This video takes you to Logansport, Ind. last December, and Rex Danely has invited his nephews — Andy and Casey Frushour — to go to the top of a 100 ft fire ladder.  Casey asks to bring a basketball, Rex says “of course” and a video was born….


  1. Chalk says:

    The commish is really going out on a limb… do you pick all the #1 seeds to advance in the NCAA tourney every year, too?

  2. Dan says:

    Appreciate the shout out. Andi you are correct, I will be incoherent for most of the tourney. Looking forward to my MB return. See you Saturday.

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