MB8 Previews: Monday

It’s time to take a peek at the Top 16 seeded players at the 2012 World Championships.  There are a few vets in the group, as well as a couple of first-timers.  Who will do well, and who will be forced into the play-in game?  Tomorrow we’ll take a look at Groups A thru D.

If you can’t wait to see who your first round opponent might be, download the the official MB8 Pre-Tournament Brackets.  We will have many additions (and a few deletions) to the brackets come game day, so your opponents might change bu Saturday.

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TOP 16
If you want to see the best ballers in the world, look no further than the action on the Center Courts.  The Top 16 will battle it out for afternoon positioning, while hoping not to lose the first two match and go to the play-in game.  This is your most likely place to see a 12-Monkeys, and certainly you’ll see many 6-7-8 point racks.

Last year we raised $1,000 for Grace’s Gang — and I hope we can match that this year.  GG is a non-profit run by one of the Commish’s best friends, Aaron Gurley.  All proceeds from our BBQ lunch go to Grace’s Gang.  The aim of the Grace’s Gang is to provide insulin pumps to kids suffering from juvenile diabetes, a disease that little 7-year old Grace Gurley has been fighting since before her first birthday.  Get your Kleenex out and watch this video which was used to promote Grace’s Gangs fundraising efforts before the Nov. 2011 JDRF Walk For the Cure in Tempe, Ariz.  The Gang will be walking again this fall, and we hope to raise some more money for their 2012 efforts.



  1. Jason Salmon says:

    Interesting at the 8:06 mark, around the talk of the soon to be former #1, AO mentions ‘madras pants’ and quickly thereafter, states ‘I am open-mouth panting’. Coincidence? I think not. Love you, too, Osters!

  2. #12 says:

    Osters did seem all hot and bothered. If I was sixty years old, hairy and lovin’ some Nascar, i would be rolling in with some pudding shots on saturday.

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