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MB6 Previews: Webisode 3.0 – “Groups”
Welcome to the 2010 version of Monkeyball TV.  Andy and Andi will be here all week getting you geared up for big event on Saturday, August 7.  Yesterday we talked about the Top 16, today we talk about everyone else in Groups A-D.  Who are our favorites?  Who are are sleepers?  Who will disappoint?  Print out the MB6 brackets and matchups (likely to change a little before Saturday), sit back, and enjoy the show.

Bonus Material: Webisode 3.1 — “Facebook”
We asked our friends on Facebook for some questions, and you came up with some good ones.

Bonus Material: Webisode 3.2 — “Names”
We had some fun with this one last year (thank you, Mankowskis), so we thought we’d try it again.

Behind the Scenes: Quick 3.1 – “I’d Really Like to Beat Tina”
Joe Frushour is the #1 seed in Group C.  Who does he think will win it all?  Sorry, dad, Dean Allen’s wife isn’t playing this year.

Behind the Scenes: Quick 3.2 – “I’m More Than Excited”

Trust me: MB1 champ and keeper of the Old Orchard, Jim Blair, is a jolly fellow.  But it’s not easy keeping up the esteemed Monkeyball grounds.  In fact, it takes many more hours of grueling labor than you can even imagine (he mowed last week at 11 at night).  Thanks to Jim for all the work he does to prep for the event, and I guarantee he won’t be this surly come Saturday morning.


  1. Dan Kidle says:

    Group Douche. Wow.

  2. Dan Kidle says:

    I’d also like to nominate Webisode 3.1 for a sound editing award. I assume you guys started speaking Japanese toward the end and had to dub over?

  3. Andi says:

    I might wear a muzzle on Saturday. And Kevlar.

  4. M Thayer says:

    I am so proud to be a big disappointment from Group Douche

  5. Dren says:

    Speaking of Douche…… Lets play fill in the blank.

    It would be a __________ move to play in a major doubles tournament at MIS with two players from the top 4 in the world on the same team!

  6. Andy Frushour says:

    Dren: I can’t decide if we should use exciting, lucrative or smart.

  7. Matt Young says:

    Funny thing, this morning I ACTUALLY crapped my bed. Awkward?

  8. Mary Ann Thayer says:

    Well, well, well. I had to hear on vacation in the Outer Banks that I am now to be known as the Trash Talking Douche Bag Disappointment. It’s on Andy and Andy.

  9. Andy Frushour says:

    BTW – Thanks to Osters for giving everyone a word of the day.

  10. Hagen says:

    Osters is so Raven

  11. Van Wylen says:

    Thanks for the nomination frush.

  12. Van Wylen says:

    is there a cable channel?

  13. Tony Olds says:

    Totally Disrespected! Wow!

  14. sean dameron says:

    don’t sweat it, tony….you definitely win the golden monkeyballs for musical dominance.

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