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MB6 Previews: Webisode 1.0 – “Welcome”
Welcome to the 2010 version of Monkeyball TV.  Andy and Andi will be here all week getting you geared up for big event on Saturday, August 7.  Today’s webisode is just the warm-up act for the heavy-hitting episodes coming in the next few days.  Some web resources to get you  prepped for today: last year’s preview videos, the recap from MB5, MB6 brackets and matchups, and more information about MB6 (including the participant list).

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Bonus Material: Webisode 1.1 – “Not Coming”
Around 100 people are coming to MB6, but a lot of big names (at least they’re big in the Monkeyball community) are ditching us this year.  Let this be a lesson to you.

Help us get some media love at MB6.  We’ve got a few folks locally that do a great job on Twitter, so let them know you’re out there: Geoff Kimmerly (Lansing State Journal sports, and feel free to pile on for bailing on us), Lisa Byington (local CBS sports anchor), Jeremy Sampson (local NBC sports anchor), and Jason Colthorp (local NBC New anchor).

Behind The Scenes: Quick 1.0 – “A Little Extra Head”
While taking a break from filming the official show, Andy and Andi went behind-the-scenes with the Commish’s Droid to capture additional footage.


  1. dren says:

    Nicely done. Can’t wait for monday… really… I’ve never looked forward to a monday in my life until now. The not coming was phenomenal!

  2. Andi says:

    Glad I caught the last 5 seconds of the Not Coming clip. Nice, Jordan.

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