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MB6 Preview: Webisode 0.0 – “Join Us!”
The big event is only a week away, but I know some of you are just as excited to view this year’s preview videos.  Andi Osters and Andy Frushour are at it once again this year bringing you the background story of this year’s World Championship.  Each day will feature an 8-10 minute preview, as well as some assorted bonus footage, so make sure you come back to playmonkeyball.com every day this week (we’ll also post a note to Facebook and Twitter when we’ve posted the new videos).  And a quick heads-up to our friends in Alabama’s Southern Monkeyball Conference — you will likely be featured many times this week, most often by my blonde sidekick.

We still have plenty of room left, so feel free to forward this video and do some personal last-minute recruiting.  In the meantime, here are a few housekeeping notes about next weekend’s tournament:

  • Play will start promptly at 10:00 a.m., but you should be there no later than 9:30.  The Mandatory Opening Ceremonies will start at 9:45, and courts will open for practice at 8:30.  After the morning qualifying session, the afternoon session typically starts around  12:30.  I’m guessing we’ll finish around 4:00.
  • The Old Orchard is at 3426 N Michigan Ave in Dimondale. Just look for the GIANT Monkeyball ladder near the road.
  • Bring lawn chairs, canopy tents, a smile and your “A” game.
  • I’ll have free bottled water, but I’d appreciate if you could throw in a few additional bucks if you want to partake in the kegs.  No more than $5 is necessary.
  • Pizza will be delivered at noon.  You can buy a whole pie for $6, or just throw in a couple bucks if you just want a few slices.
  • If I’ve had you bring equipment in the past, can you bring it again?  Not sure I’ll need it, but it will be nice to have backup equipment in case we do.
  • More info can always be found on the Official MB6 page on PlayMonkeyball.com.

Monkeyball Vault

In case you forgot what happened last year, here’s a quick 2-minute review recapping last year’s event.

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