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MB6 Previews: Webisode 2.0 – “Top 16”
Welcome to the 2010 version of Monkeyball TV.  Andy and Andi will be here all week getting you geared up for big event on Saturday, August 7.  Today’s webisode features analysis of the Top 16 players in the world.  If you haven’t already printed out your brackets, do it now — MB6 brackets and matchups.  Groups A-D will likely change a little before Saturday (hopefully adding more people to the bracket!), but one page that won’t change is the Top 16.  Sit back and enjoy Andy and Andi’s take on the Top 16.

(If you have problems viewing the video below, this link should work.)

Bonus Material: Webisode 2.1 – “SoMoCo”
Seven (but hopefully 8, right Bill Mills!) ballers will be joining us from the Southern Monkeyball Conference.  I personally am looking forward to their visit, and I’m especially looking forward to competing and seeing what they’ve got.  Andi Osters has much love, too, I think, but she’s also got a special message for our special friends.

Bonus Material: Webisode 2.2 – “Impressions”
Everyone has their own style of throwing Monkeyballs.  Most fall in the Pinch or Traddy camp, but everyone has his or her own unique flair.  Let’s take a couple minutes to look at the tossing style of a few top-rated Monkeyballers.

Behind the Scenes: Quick 2.0 – “Who….Who?”
During an impromptu practice session, Andy and Andi talked to #13 Dan Renner and collected his MB6 thoughts via the Commish’s Droid.

Behind the Scenes: Quick 2.1 – “Live Video”
While taking a break from filming the official show, Andy and Andi went behind-the-scenes with the Commish’s Droid to capture additional footage.


  1. 1st of ALL…..I have done quite well in the ADULT tournaments….see Derby Day 2009 & 2010, MBXMAN (70 person tournament and I came in 2nd) and I have faired well against the ONLY LEGIT SOMOCO baller according to some of the NOMOCO members. Enough said, I guess we better come to MB6 prepared to show some skill. Not sure how I got lumped into the 10 and under tournaments.

  2. Did I just get Osters to switch teams?

  3. Fakest double 12 Monkeys of all time! CGI

  4. Andi says:

    From the CAPS-filled comment from KEVIN Singleton, it APPEARS that I have struck a NERVE with at least ONE SoMoCo member.

  5. Salmon says:

    “First of all” should be followed by a “second of all”.

    Casey…I think that I may have switched teams, too. Holla at the P90X. I wonder, does the Commish look like that, too?

    Andi…I am not so easily unnerved, nor offended. Keep bringing the smack talk and I will see you in the loser’s bracket. As for the “legitness” of my Southern brethren, I believe that some wagers have been placed, if you are interested in partaking, Ms. Osters.

  6. Andy Frushour says:

    The commish looked exactly like that in April when I finished p90x, but no more.

    As far as the wagers go, I still haven’t heard back from Sofa Lomenick. I’m in, but I need to know the official Vegas/Sofa lines before I figure out how much I’ll win.

  7. #18 says:

    I believe the “switching of teams” is being lost in translation or there is a new sub-plot to MB6. Either way this is riveting.

  8. kevin singleton says:

    I am going to use as few caps as possible. you haven’t struck a nerve i just enjoy the smack talk more than others iguess. what is switching teams???

  9. kevin singleton says:

    Here is my second of all Jason. What are the Sofa line on me making it past Casey? 1000:1?

  10. Dren says:

    Nice work on the previews. Loving the stance videos and the Rex replacement!

  11. Salmon says:

    Dude, not sure what the line is, but my money is on SoMoCo to win at least half of the first round games. Locks are you and Sean; I question the Salmon bros (not offense, Lil’ Brother, but I fear the Pirate, aks Super T, aka Chuck Daddy Long Legs, aka FreeBird). Remember, he’s knocked me out of the last 2 World’s…and chuckled while doing so. Good to get him early is what I hear.

  12. Should I bring my MP3 player and get the Chuck T vibe going? I don’t consider any game a lock….never know when Mother Nature is going to show up with rain or when Father Time will show up and make my sciatic nerve start acting up like it did at BWW tourney.

  13. Dean says:

    Kev, do you really need an explanation on the switching of teams reference? Think Elaine in a classic Seinfeld episode. nuff said…

  14. She was successful for at least one go around, then the guy switched back to his own team…..Looking forward to watching your masterful skills Deano.

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