MB2: Dean Allen Dominates

For those of you who were there, you know Dean Allen killed the field. He allowed only 35 points in 12 games. NO ONE had a chance. He rolled. It was no contest. And he’ll have a HUGE target on his back in 2007.

Champion: Dean Allen
Runner-Up: Curtis McFall
Third Place: Casey Frushour
# of Players: 60

Results/Brackets (PDF)

MB2 Photos

The twelve things I’ll remember most from the 2006 Worlds include:

1. Carp National going above and beyond – the GIANT ladder, the painted Monkeyball logos on the lawn, the banner, the club box desk seating – what a host!

2. Brent Morrow celebrated his birthday with a 4th place finish and the Most Improved Monkeyballer Award. Birthday wishes also went out to Andi Osters.

3. Local television coverage on WILX-TV 10. Our little game on TV?   Now that’s funny. Here’s a bootleg version of the 6 o’clock coverage.

4. Group C made me say this – 3 of the 4 semifinalists were from Group C (Allen, McFall, Morrow). There, I said it – Group C dominated.

5. Jason Tooker’s tandem bicycle. If you ever need a tandem, just call Tooker – (734) 476-1486.

6. Beer in one hand, monkeyballs in the other – Casey Frushour reached the final four…again. (And a few byes don’t hurt either.)

7. You’re not going to believe this…Ian Pleasant thought the tournament was on Sunday, not Saturday. He showed up at Carp National on Sunday morning, realized he was a day late, and then was invited in for breakfast with my parents. Hospitality – yet another feather in Carp National’s cap.

8. Chrissy Blair came out of nowhere to blow by #3 Chuck Trinoskey and #7 Joe Frushour on her way to her #2 seed in Group D. And let’s not forget JoAnna Kidle’s performance in qualifying #1 in Group A.

9. The sweet trophies.

10. Five females in the Final 16. Nice showing Andi, JoAnna, Renee, Chrissy and Maggie!

11. Nine-year-old Ryan Hintz wins his first two games to become the first ever player under 18 to win a game at the World Champiosnhips. He fell one win shy of the Final 16.

12. Gunns pitched a tent, fired up a grill (the burgers smelled great), and as expected, ran his trap. Love him or hate him, a Monkeyball World Championship just isn’t the same without him.

8 FREAKING courts…60 FREAKING players…141 FREAKING matches.   Can we be bigger and better next year?   You better believe it – see you next summer.

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