MB12 Preview – THURSDAY

MB12-logo-cropTWO DAYS until MB12….and today you learn who might win.  Today the top Monkeyball prognosticators bring you expert opinions on who will lift the golden Monkeyballs come 4:00 Saturday afternoon. Who’s in your top four? Leave your predictions in the comment section below.

If you want to see who you’re tentatively schedule to play, visit the PDF brackets. There will certainly be adds, deletes and changes before Saturday, so don’t take this initial info as Gospel. For more info, visit the official MB12 page.

MB12 Previews: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday


  1. Dan Kidle says:

    Geoff CRUSHED that drive at the 2:01 mark. Proud of you, Geoff.

  2. Matt Danely says:

    Gonna have to alter my bro tank to read “Team I love Andi”. I think she’s pulling some reverse psychology stunt though.

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