MB10 Preview – WEDNESDAY

MB10-Shirt-Red-WebYesterday we covered the Top 16, today is everyone else. Here are some people you should be scared of in morning qualifying, and also some people that pose absolutely no threat of doing any damage.

If you want to see who you’re tentatively schedule to play, visit the PDF brackets. There will certainly be add, deletes and changes before Saturday, so don’t take this initial info as Gospel. For more info, visit the official MB10 page.

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Just so Uncle Rex doesn’t try to hunt me down this weekend, I don’t really think he’s a Helicopter Parent. I’ve always LOVED watching him cheer Cousin Matt on, so it was awesome to hear “c’mon Matt” over and over in the MB9 championship match…


  1. Not Showing Up says:

    If I had to bet on someone pulling a Boden/Tello this year – all of my money would be on Keith Hagen, JD.

  2. matt danely says:

    You guys are forgetting Jamie Price. Dangerous…

  3. matt danely says:

    Oh wow nevermind. Not coming this year so far

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