MB10 Preview – TUESDAY

MB10-Shirt-Red-WebPlease welcome to your Monkeyball videos: the Top 16. These will be the folks duking-it-out with the other top players in the world. It’s always a bloodbath during these center-court matches, but the winners come out prepared to take on the pressure of the afternoon knockout round. This video sets the record for Longest Preview Ever. Sorry about that (but for the 5 of you that watch these, you probably don’t care!).

If you want to see who you’re tentatively schedule to play, visit the PDF brackets. There will certainly be add, deletes and changes before Saturday, so don’t take this initial info as Gospel. For more info, visit the official MB10 page.

MB10 Previews: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

…and one more because it’s the cutest damn thing I’ve seen all week.  Here are Abby and Kate Frushour from four years ago giving their predictions during MB6 Preview taping…


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