MB10 Preview – THURSDAY

MB10-Shirt-Red-WebWho’s gonna win on Saturday? Who knows, but A & A give it a guess on today’s episode. Here’s a hint, Dean Allen (take a drink) was not picked to win his seventh championship. I also dropped a nugget about Dean’s championship-winning pattern, which turns out not to be at all true (instead, it’s L-W-W-W-L-W-L-W-W).

If you want to see who you’re tentatively schedule to play, visit the PDF brackets. There will certainly be add, deletes and changes before Saturday, so don’t take this initial info as Gospel. For more info, visit the official MB10 page.

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  1. dan kidle says:

    I haven’t thrown monkeyballs since January…but I have been throwing a lot of poopy diapers at the garbage can, so this should go well.

  2. Carlos Danger says:

    I haven’t either Dan. The last ropes I threw were right after the Rose Bowl when I beat LePeak in the Mason championship.

  3. Dean Allen says:

    Thanks for the bulletin board material Frush, heading to my back yard to train for the next 5 hours!

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