MB Fever (Birmingham, AL)

This tournament was originally called the Broken Bow Invitational, but with last night’s visit to the after-hours clinic due to my daughter’s 104.1 degree fever, I thought it was only fitting to change the name to MB Fever.  (And since it’s 90-plus degrees and humid, we all felt like we had a fever!)

We had several rookies today, and Brody, Gidge, and their kids made up almost a third of the field.  (I think Brody is secretly trying to groom his kids to be pro Monkeyballers.)  Ben Cornelius and Scott Herron, two MB tourney rookies, started the day off with a shoot-out.  They were filling up the ladders like it was the Worlds Finals!  Baylor, Jon Thomas, and Cade Black (ranging in age from 8 to 11) also played in their first MB tourney today.  They didn’t win a game today, but I saw lots of smiles and fun being had!  They will be taking care of business on the MB playing field in the near future.  Michael Glaze played his first MB tourney today, and proved to be a natural.  He took out Adam Vines in their first match-up, but Adam would have revenge later.  Adam knocked out Michael after storming through the loser’s bracket, just barely missing the afternoon session.

Brandon Cain, another MB rookie, was the first to put a rope in the phone lines, but since he is about 7 feet tall, it didn’t take much for him to retrieve it quickly.  Tom & Elaine Dameron played a marathon match, with Tom eventually winning.  Elaine was vocal today, but was eventually taken out by laid-back Brad Morgan.  Brad had a good showing today, before being knocked out by Kevin Tavakoli.  Kevin, who’s always entertaining, didn’t disappoint in putting smiles on the faces of those that he beat today.  Currently he is #239 in the World Rankings, but he was hot today and just barely missed a trip to the finals.  He took #8 Sean Dameron to the brink of elimination.  Blake Labrato, lost to rookie Jay Coshow in his first match, but put up 3 straight victories in the loser’s bracket before being ousted by Brad Morgan.  (One of Blake’s 3 wins was a revenge match against Jay!)

Sean Dameron and Kevin Singleton each won their first three matches to snag the top seeds in the afternoon Final Four session.  Kevin, tied for #5 in the World Rankings, beat #41 Brody Black 15-4, 15-11 to reach the finals.  As mentioned above, #239 Tavakoli put up a big fight and topped #8 Sean in the first match 15-13.  Sean won the second match 15-0, setting up a brutal third match for a trip to the finals.  Sean took the early lead, but Kevin stormed back eventually losing 15-12.

The finals saw #5 Singleton versus #8 Dameron.  Singleton prevailed and was crowned the champ, winning 15-8 & 15-10.

Champion: Kevin Singleton
Runner-Up: Sean Dameron
# of Players: 18

Bracket/Results (PDF)


  1. Elaine Dameron says:

    Even though I was taken out pretty quickly after the “marathon” match with my husband of 44 years, I considered it a good day since I wasn’t hit in the head by wildly thrown balls like I was at the Derby tournament. I’d just like to go on record as saying they hurt very badly and draw blood when they connect with your skull! It was also hotter than the hinges of Hell out there yesterday and a quick ending was a BLESSING!!

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