Mason HS Indoor Classic 4 (Mason, MI)

Mason-2014-photo-croppedIn what has become the preeminent indoor tournament in the world (and the only), 16 players gathered at Mason (Mich.) HS for the fourth annual Mason Indoor Classic.  The tournament was on hiatus in 2013, but in 2014 — the “Year of Monkeyball”, the ballers were out in full force.  The top 3 players in the world, as well as 9 from the top 40, battled it out in the pool play-then-knockout format.

Many matches were played in mid-summer form, with at least three 12-Monkeys thrown (all on 12-9 racks) with all three throwers losing the game (Pudil, A Frushour and Kidle). And two rookies joined the gym of veterans, with cornholer Rich Lally and horseshoe pitcher Keith Schafer providing some great new competition.

12 hours prior to the tournament, Keith Hagen was stepping off a plane from Pasadena.  I’m sure he needed rest, but the trip to the Rose Bowl had Hagen thinking like a champion.  He buzzed through most of the competition, and wasn’t challenged until the championship match versus Jackson stalwart Ryan LePeak.  In game three of the final, Hagen pulled out a tight 15-13 victory to win his first-ever sanctioned tournament.

As always, a big shout out to Mason AD Greg Lattig and Assistant AD Jason Fisher for opening the gym and joining us for some indoor Monkeyball.  Thanks, guys!

Champion: Keith Hagen
Runner-Up: Ryan LePeak
# of Players: 16

Results/Brackets (PDF)


  1. Carlos Danger says:

    Events since the last time I shaved: MSU wins the Legends. MSU hands OSU their ass on a platter. MSU wins the Rose Bowl. Hagen wins M4. Hagen hands Jon Ross his ass on a platter (twice). There are other events that are almost as thrilling but I will spare you. Bryant drive is the epicenter of positive karma right now!!

  2. Poodle, Puddle, Pudi or as my parents named me Pudil says:

    I beat Frush 1 out of 2, I beat LePeak Once, but my ranking slipped again. Commish, I see not only am I now the head of the Jackson sub rules committee, I need to be on the official Monkeyball rules committee. 😉 Another great tournament, thanks for putting it on Andy and staff.

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