Erickson Park to Host MB9!

web-mb9First there was Rockford & Strathmore, then Carp National followed by six great years at the Old Orchard.  We are now proud to announce a new era is ready to begin at Erickson Park in Lansing.

More specifically, Erickson is in Delta Township, just north of the State Police post on Canal Rd off of I-96 (4250 S Canal Rd).  We’ll be the only group in the park that day, and we’re expecting the same kind of fun and festive atmosphere that we’ve always had.

With the new venue comes a couple of changes.

  1. Keg beer is not allowed, but we do have an alcohol permit so please bring beer with you.
  2. We will not have a smoker this year, but the Lions Club will have their concession stand open and will be serving hot dogs among their other items — candy, pop, etc.  If you want something else, pack it before you come because there won’t be time to leave mid-tournament.

We’re excited for everyone to join us again for the event of the summer.  We still have plenty of room available, so invite your friends to join us.  For up-to-date MB9 info, visit



  1. Salmon says:

    With no keg beer, we will need to make a run to the Brew Pubs, to pack-up some growlers. MBJ/Casey/Commish/Dameron…looking at you!

  2. Clomper says:

    It’s the Sunday before the big day and where is the update? You be slippin’ commish.

  3. Andy Frushour says:

    Clomper: Today Is Saturday. Update & Video Coming Tomorrow…Sunday.

  4. Clomper says:

    To much spikeball this weekend. My apologies.

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