MB6: Back To The Top — Dean Allen Wins 4th World Title

I know, I know – how can it take nearly 4 weeks to post a tournament recap?  I’ve been sick since a week after MB6, a sickness likely caused by three factors: 1) just generally being rundown from all the MB6 planning; 2) the events of Doubles weekend at MIS – a few beers followed by sleeping on a deflated air mattress in a small tent, some random breakfast bake concoction as my only nourishment for 24 hours, and many hours of exhausting, sweat-producing Spikeball; and 3) an immune system not prepared for the NASCAR ecosystem.

So without further adieu, here are 4,000 words describing my memories of the 2010 World Monkeyball Championships.

MB6 PREVIEWS: Sat | Sun | Mon | Tues | Wed | Thurs

Champion: Dean Allen (Redford, MI)
Runner-Up: Dan Kidle (Indianapolis, IN)
Third Place: Kevin Singleton (Birmingham, AL)
# of Players: 96

Final Bracket/Results (PDF)


For whatever reason, it seems the 2010 World Championships brought us many more storylines than usual.  We had a number of top 25 fail to sign up, and many more people bail on the tournament at the last minute (not cool).  We had a record 29 rookies in the field, and many made the afternoon.  We had gorgeous weather – a stark contrast to the year before.  We had a new lunchtime event – the Big Rack Challenge – won by 12 year-old Ryan Hintz.  We had people begging to trade for one of the American Apparel blue shirts.  And we had some post-event controversy when the new world rankings were announced.

And even after all of that, there are three other headlines that I’ll remember most.  First, after getting called out all week by Monkeyball TV co-host Andi Osters, SoMoCo came to play.  Specifically, Kevin Singleton (third) and Jason Salmon (fourth) proved that the quality of play in those Alabama tournaments really are up to snuff.  Second, this prognosticator thought Dan Kidle would struggle.  I thought a wedding three weeks prior and then a week in Maui would throw young Kidle of his game.  Turns out Hawaii is a great place to get your mind right, and a Monkeyball tournament on your 23rd birthday equates to a runner-up finish.  Finally, and most importantly, Dean Allen is setting standards that will be hard to top.  Four World Championships in six years?  He’s ridiculously good.


The Top 16 on the Center Courts is always a fun focus in the morning.  Where else can you watch so many world class ballers face off game after game after game?  And there’s big-time pressure to boot – four players will go 0-and-2 and be forced to win a play-in game to make the afternoon.  In 2010, that quartet was Andy Kidle, Jim Blair, Scott Salmon, and for the second time, Casey Frushour.  We’ll talk more about these guys later, but for now, let’s revisit some of the fun stories that came from the morning Center Courts.

Everyone’s favorite baller, Monkeyball Jesus (aka Eric Trinoskey), had himself a morning.  He 12-Monkeyed the opening rack of the day (the day’s only 12 Monkeys?) while beating eventual runner-up Dan Kidle.  Jesus had two other wins in qualifying – against the eventual champ and against the eventual 3rd place finisher.  It’s no wonder SoMoCo wanted to acquire him – his transfer from Florida’s Coconut League makes him an official SoMoCoNut.

The first-round games in the bottom half of the bracket featured SoMoCo vs Michigan matches.  The two groups split the four matches, but the most anticipated opening match pitted the mouth of Monkeyball TV, Andi Osters, against MB’s greatest southern ambassador, Sean Dameron.  Osters had talked lots of MB smack leading up to this match, and somehow, pulled off a sober 15-0 monkey-stomp over Sean.  Ouch.

Other highlights…. Morrow showed up with an arm in a sling – I never got the story behind the injury.  Defending champ Chuck Trinoskey won game one in skunk fashion, but lost three straight to end qualifying.  Dan Renner started hot, but 5s and 6s won’t beat a hot Dean Allen.  The lone Traddy Kevin Gunns won two games before the Old Orchard got streaked…again.  It first happened during the final match at MB4, and then a naked baby ran across the Center Courts to the waiting arms of Gunns.  I don’t think it was Gunns’ kid, but I’m pretty sure she learned the move from him.

Oh, and Jason Salmon won the #1 seed in the morning qualifying session.


Keith Hagen sent me a ton of notes for Group A, so I plan on doing some liberal plagiarism of his notes in this section.

Group A was led by Keith Hagen, MB5’s 4th place finisher.  Hagen didn’t disappoint rolling through undefeated, giving up only 11 points in four games and grabbing the #1 seed.  MB vet Jason Tooker lost to Hagen to get the #2 seed, and proved once again that he’s legit.  The battle for the #3 seed featured two ballers who lost the first game of the day but battled back through the losers bracket to advance.  Ryan LePeak won 6 straight games to get the three seed, while Brett Thiel reeled off five straight Ws to get the #4 seed.  Carl Swan made another trip through the morning q-fying, and Dan Kubacki had the best showing from the Perrysburg, Ohio crew.  Chrissy Lane was the top XX chromosome carrier in Group A, taking the 7th seed.

The Group A play-in game featured Corey Fulton against Top 16 member, Andy Kidle.  Fulton came in highly touted, but he arrived at the Old Orchard on only a few hours sleep.  No one strung together more big racks all day than Fulton; unfortunately no one strung together more empty racks than Fulton.  In the end, the Zombie-esque Fulton battled back from a 12-3 deficit to take the final Group A qualifying spot and knocking Kidle out of the tournament.  In the second year of the Top 16 play-in game, Kidle became the 2nd Top 16-er to fall victim to this unique tournament quirk.  At MB5, Todd Byers was the first to wear the unfortunate crown.

Dawn Jenkins was not happy to lose to a guy with lobster shorts, 70s headband, and I heart Dave Kubacki shirt (ironically, worn by Dave Kubacki).  I keep expecting my cousins to reach the afternoon, but Jill Hintz and husband Troy didn’t do it, neither did Misty Swan (yea for Carl, though!).  And one of these years, little Ryan and Emma Hintz will do some damage – they’ve got a lot time, though, considering they’re 12 and 10 years old.


Group B featured a weird mix of no-shows and walk-ups.  I love walk-ups – you never know what to expect, adding an extra layer of mystery to the event.  What’s not mysterious is the skill level of sweatervest-wearing John Hill.  Hill has played in numerous MB events (many times finishing behind wife Heather), but Osters had predicted a semifinal appearance for this Spartan fan.  Hill was on fire all morning, taking the #1 seed over SoMoCo sage Chuck Salmon. Walk-up Ron Ostrander battled through a series of rookies to take the #3 seed, while Matt Wright (an all-star fastpitch softball pitcher) took 4th.  Bill Makosey’s been around for a while now, so he knows some of the MB tricks of the trade.  Makosey took 5th topping rookie John Miller who finished 6th.  Jo Kidle finished as the top lady in Group B while taking the 7th seed, knocking walk-up/rookie/stranger Matt Sharrow to the play-in game.  In that game, Sharrow faced MB1 champ Jim Blair.  But after two quick Top 16 losses, Blair came to play beating Sharrow handily and qualifying for the afternoon.

Sam Gustafson proudly repped the Springbrook Association in Dewitt, and I’m sure will bring some old neighbors with him to MB7.  Jo Kidle knocked out another veteran lady in J Mankowski.  J loves MB – I hope she makes the afternoon next year.  Sean Hill was the youngest player in the field – he’ll get his first MB win next year.  And Nate VanWylen?  If he doesn’t get his first W next year, Dutch heads will roll.


After a one year hiatus, the very tall and very skilled Jim Wenzel was back at the Old Orchard.  Wenzel bested the godfather of Monkeyball, Joe Frushour, to claim Group C’s #1 seed.  The very pregnant Maggie Olds (with a shirt that read “I’m pregnant, what’s your excuse”) kept up her winning ways at Worlds, claiming the #3 seed.  In 4th was our second participant from the greater Tampa area, Mike Forsythe.  Mike and MB Jesus may be teaming this winter for a few Coconut League events.  Practice partner of Kevin Singleton, Scott Herron, took the fifth seed beating everyone’s favorite preschool teacher, Brett Boden (Boden was also affectionately called “Mixed Prints” for his striped shirt and plaid short combo – somehow, though, he pulled it off).  Jon Ross might claim his day’s highlight was beating the Commish in the Big Rack Challenge, but what he should remember is how, facing elimination, he fought back from a 9-0 deficit, and clawed his way through the loser’s bracket, and ultimately gained the #7 seed.

The Group C play-in game featured a vet of five World Championships, Joe Zimmerman, and a former World #1, Casey Frushour.  Zimmerman had won three games on the day, his most ever at Worlds, and Casey was in the play-in game for the second-straight year.  In this match, though, the big-game experience of Frushour won out; Zimmerman will have to wait another year to make the afternoon.

In other Group C action, Tony Olds lived up to the Commish’s billing as the “Most Likely to Disappoint.”  It should be noted, however, that T-Nuts’ DJ skillz received rave reviews (even if we need to go with the PG version of Big Pimpin’ at MB7).  Our first-ever keg stand competition also took place with members of Group C.  I’m pretty sure Olds and Boden were instigators, but Bridgett “Hot Mess” Stallings stole the show with a performance that would make a frat guy blush.


What to say about the infamous Group D/Douche?  It’s funny how a passing comment by Osters on a bonus webisode (Ep 3.1, 2:10 mark) becomes the rallying cry for a group of Monkeyballers.  What’s worse is Osters called out the #1 seed in Group D as her most likely to disappoint – Rex Danely.  So what did Danely do?  He went out and swept through the competition and win Group D.  With only one previous Monkeyball win, Alex Schrauben was an unlikely 2nd place finisher.  No doubt his Mid-Michigan Mustache Club t-shirt and matching mustache intimidated the competition (did anyone take the free mustache ride?).  A lot was expected out of rookie Mike Price, and he didn’t disappoint in getting the #3 seed.  Another Schrauben – Al – has also had little success at Worlds, but MB6 was a different story as he won five morning matches on his way to the four seed.  Jamie Price also had a good rookie performance taking the Group D five seed, while Gena Danely advanced to her first ever Worlds afternoon session with the 6th seed.  Rex and Gena’s son, postman Matt Danely, claimed to be hot all morning – but then the wheels must have fallen off.  Sheri Gunns beat him to get the seven seed, and then SoMoCo’s Scott Salmon beat Matt in the play-in game.

As predicted, the woman with the “The Nastiest Trash Talking Biggest Disappointment of Group Douche!”” t-shirt, Mary Ann Thayer, did in fact become the biggest disappointment.  But she totally redeemed herself with a semifinal appearance in the Big Rack Challenge.  Dustin West literally read about our little tournament in Friday’s newspaper, signed up overnight, showed up at the Old Orchard and won only one game, but he’ll be back – he’s hooked, just like the rest of us.  Tina Allen was also a late addition to the field, but she ain’t no rookie.  She won two games before bowing out of Group D (and Joe Frushour didn’t get his chance to beat Tina).  Big Thanks to Bev Frushour and Nancy Trinoskey for running registration and collecting the money.  I wish that would equate to good karma for you, Bev, but unfortunately it netted you two 15-0 losses.


What started as way to kill time around the lunch hour turned into one of the highlights of the day.  The contest – formally dubbed the Big Rack Challenge – pitted baller against baller in a one-rack match.  Whoever scored the most on the four throws moved on.  Buy in was $1, and with 40 participants in this single-elimination event, $40 was slated for the winner.  Nearly all the big seeds lost early – most of them in the first round.  But in the end it was the eventual #2 Dan Kidle and #6 world-ranked Sean Dameron in one semifinal, while the other semi featured the unheralded fan-favorites: 12 year-old Ryan Hintz and the aforementioned NTTBDOGD.  Kidle and Hintz both won, and in a final with the crowd almost all behind Hintz, the youngster came through with a big rack to top the birthday boy for the championship.


Before a more lengthy discussion of the Quarterfinals and beyond, there are a few things worth noting in the early afternoon rounds.  Sean Dameron drove 700 miles to lose in the first round to a guy that live 7 miles down the road from him in Birmingham, Chuck Salmon.  And then Chuck turned around and lost to his son Jason in the Sweet 16.

Al Schrauben’s career MB highlight was beating MB5 champ Chuck Trinoskey in one game before losing his match.  Keith Hagen pulled off one of the shots of the tournament (down to game point and his last throw, he knocked Scott Salmon’s 2 off while his landed on the 3 to get 1 point on the round – a 5-point swing to stay alive), ultimately beating Scott, and then earning his MB stripes with a Sweet 16 win over the defending champ.

The Sweet 16 matchup between Dan Kidle and Andi Osters was a dogfight.  The first two games went 15-13, 13-15 with bunches of big racks and back-and-forth before Kidle pulled away.

Monkeyball Jesus continued another run to the quarterfinals, topping Corey Fulton who finally woke up.  Fulton has a number of 300 rings on his fingers, and it’s not a stretch to think he could add a MB World Championship ring to one of his digits.

Andy Frushour monkey-stomped his daughter’s pre-school teacher, Brett Boden.  All the Talent Juice (Gatorade, Monster and vodka…yummy?) in the world couldn’t help Boden in this one.  And then Frushour went back-and-forth with Renner before finally pulling away.

Did Jim Blair underestimate rookie Ryan LePeak?  Did he fall victim to some chatting?  Was he distracted by pretty ladies?  LePeak won, but then was defeated by the silky smooth 6’7” Jim Wenzel.  Wenzel, in turn, lost to Dean Allen, pushing Allen to 16-14 in the final game.

Brent Morrow beat Kevin Gunns in a game that could have taken much longer than it did.  There have been many calls for a shot-clock to be added the Official MB Rules Book.

In the most controversial match since the Blair/Allen quarterfinal of MB1, Kevin Singleton beat John Hill to grab the last quarterfinal spot.  In game two, Hill had two triples wrapped tightly on the bar, when all the sudden, the bar fell to the ground.  I’ve NEVER seen this happen before.  The heartbreaking ruling: those six points are no good.  Even though the call was right, Hill was pissed at the situation (I’d be pissed, too).  The kicker to this story, later in game two it happened AGAIN.  Hill lost two more triples.  He ultimately lost the game.  As you might guess, he was not a happy camper.  I hope he doesn’t boycott MB7 (I’m sure he won’t cuz he’s one competitive SOB and he’ll back to win the whole thing next year).


The quarterfinals featured the #1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 18 players in the world.  Although there was some post-Worlds argument over the computer rankings, the computer seemed to do pretty good job predicting the quarterfinalists.  The computer’s #1 seeded players in the four qualifying groups also reached the winners bracket finals – another positive mark for the ranking system.

In QF #1, MB5 fourth place finisher Keith Hagen (East Lansing, MI) ran into the MB5 silver medalist Jason Salmon (Marietta, GA).  After winning the Top 16 qualifying session, Salmon had been hot all day.  Hagen and Salmon threw three huge opening racks, but Hagen clung to a 4-3 lead which could have easily been a 7-0 Hagen advantage.  But after that, it was all Salmon.  Hagen later commented, “Salmon may be the prototype for a MB player.  In my opinion his height tied to his low release are tailor made for MB.  I had no problem losing to Jason, but man, it sucks losing.  And Renner trying to interview me after my loss?  Come on.  Who wants to chat after losing a battle?  I guess I am not ready for the post game interviews.”

In the opening rack of the opening game of the tournament, Monkeyball Jesus (birth name: Eric Trinoskey, St Petersburg, FL) dropped a 12-Monkeys on Dan Kidle (Indianapolis, IN) en route to a quick 15-0 win.  But since that opening round loss Dan Kidle had been hot.  Celebrating his 23rd birthday, Kidle rolled to the finals of the Big Rack Challenge, and lost only one other game on the day – an epic 15-13 game to Osters in the Sweet 16.  This time, it was all Dan Kidle, and the newlywed advanced to the semis.

Quarterfinal #3 was a perfect match for the Center Courts, but instead was relegated to the Group C area.  Three-time champ Dean Allen (Redford, MI) was facing the Commissioner and World #1 Andy Frushour (DeWitt, MI).  In hindsight, this match was definitely not Center Court worthy.  Allen dropped 11 points on the opening rack on his way to giving Frushour his first ever 15-0 loss.  Game two didn’t start much better as Allen stormed out to a 9-0 lead – Allen scored the FIRST 24 POINTS of the match (yes, I’m yelling).  Frushour fought back, but the hole was just too deep, and Frushour lost game two 15-13.  Maybe next year the Commish can get the Worlds monkey off his back.

The final QF pitted the one-armed, slow rocker Brent Morrow (Howell, MI), against the new most hated man in Monkeyball, Kevin Singleton (Birmingham, AL).  Like Chuck T in previous Worlds events, Singleton liked to rock the music and earbuds; the difference, though, is Singleton kept them in during his matches.  PA announcer Osters wondered aloud if he was listening to Tony Robbins or Suze Orman.  Whichever master motivator it was, it worked as Singleton advanced 15-10, 15-3.


The semis featured two SoMoCo ballers (Salmon & Singleton), the three-time champ (Allen), and a guy who had lots of previous bad luck at Worlds (Kidle).  In the series of preview videos (Ep. 4.0) before Worlds, two questions were asked: first, who would advance further, Chuck T or Jason Salmon.  Salmon ended up the answer to question one.  But a second question asked who do fans want eliminated first: Dean Allen or Kevin Singleton?  The second semifinal would help answer that question.

In the first semifinal, Jason Salmon came in with the championship experience of MB5 (and some sweet pants) while Dan Kidle came in a bit under the radar.  Kidle took the first game 15-7, but fell behind 13-0 in game two.  Kidle dropped a two on his last throw of the next rack just to stay alive, and go down 14-0.  From there, though, it was all Birthday Boy as Kidle stormed back to take game two and advance to the championship 16-14.

No one really watched the second semifinal since that winner would certainly be the fan un-favorite in the championship.  The match, however, was entertaining at the start.  Kevin Singleton gave Dean Allen his first loss since morning qualifying in game one, but then Allen turned it on again.  Just like the Frushour bloodbath in the quarters, Dean-o took the last two games from Singleton, 15-0, 15-1.

While people filled their beers and hit the port-a-john, Singleton beat Salmon in the consolation match.


In some years the championship match is a let-down.  In others the match has been pretty good.  At MB6 it was VERY good – we saw some World Championship level Monkeyball from both Dan Kidle and Dean Allen.  Dean again started hot, taking a 7-0 lead after the first rack.  Kidle fought back with 7 straight to tie it up, but Dean made a run of his own scoring the last eight points of the game.

The first round of game two saw two impressive 9-point racks.  But as he’d done all afternoon long, Allen kept throwing the big racks and took a 14-8 lead.  Against the ropes, Dan threw a late triple to tie Dean’s 6-point rack and stay alive.  On the last round, Dean was +2 (7-5) and Dan had one last throw.  And although the match was likely finished regardless of what happened on this toss (Dean just couldn’t be beat), it was still a little heartbreaking to see Kidle’s final shot slowly fall off the 2-Limb to the ground (see video below).

Dean Allen is a deserving champ.  No doubt about it.  But there’s also no doubt that the field of competitive ballers keeps getting deeper and deeper.  I’m looking forward to see who will be in the Top 16 at MB7, and more looking forward to seeing if anyone can take down the now FOUR-time champ when he starts his title defense in 2011.


By the numbers: 3 kegs, 18 courts, 29 rookies, and 283 games played.

The roving Monkeyball officials wore blue American Apparel shirts which everyone seemed to love.  They’re very soft and very comfortable (and very expensive).  The consensus seems to be that the Commish should order AA shirts for everyone next year – even if the shirts come with a $15 price tag.

The top three were awarded a new medal this year.  We also made medals for the top three from all previous World Championships.  The medals seemed to be a hit.

Next year I hope not as many people bail on us.  I’m looking at you Tony Fuller, Andy & Kari Dressler, Jeremy Foco, Andrew Alexander, Bill Mills, Matt Young and too many others to name.  Not cool.

A HUGE thank you goes out to many folks.  Jim and Deb Blair for hosting us on their property.  Casey Frushour for all of his design work.  Joe Frushour for building all the sets.  Becky Frushour for hosting and feeding 20+ ballers at her house.  Emily Frushour for putting up with all the MB talk for the last few months (years, really.  Abby Frushour for singing the National Anthem.  Andi Osters for doing the videos with me, and Jordan Cobb for filming said videos.  The Blue Shirts for helping me officiate.  T-Nuts for playing all the music.  And thanks to the entire crew who helped set up before the event and tear down after the event.  This is not a one man show, and I thank you for the assists.


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Liz Stomski
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  1. Dean says:

    Frush I did lose game 1 to Singleton, not sure on score:)

  2. Andy Frushour says:

    YOo’re right, not sure where I got that other score. Should be accurate now. Impressive display of MBall skillz, Dino.

  3. Kevin Singleton says:

    I think that score is right…..not that it matters since the other 2 scores are essentially SKUNKS. Good Job Dean!

  4. kevin singleton says:

    Ok. Just saw that John Hill blames his loss on equipment malfunction. I agree the equipment malfunction was unfortunate, but 15-3 in the first game and the malfunction in the second game wouldn’t have netted many points since the 6 points lost would have been reduced or negated by the points I had already scored. As unfortunate as it was, I don’t really think the outcome would have been different. Guess I need to open a Tweeter account so I can respond to Tweets instead of on here. MB6 Rocked.

  5. Wow, KS – I think I would’ve just let that one go. John was obviously pretty hot about it, and there’s no reason to fan those flames any more (especially after taking home some hardware at the end of the day).

    I’ll be putting together electronic brackets/results, figuring new rankings and posting a recap (all in that order) later this week — hopefully before the big event at MIS on Saturday.

    In case you wondered, here’s my guess at the new rankings (and this is only a guess): 1 Jason Salmon, 2 Andy Frushour, 3 Dean Allen (prob should be #2, though), 4-6 Keith Hagen, Kevin Singleton, Chuck Trinoskey (very close on these three), 7 Dan Kidle, 8 Morrow, 9 Eric Trinoskey, 10 Sean Dameron (#10 could be any number of people).

  6. #4-6? says:

    Bad blood. Classic Singleton.

  7. Kevin Singleton says:

    Not bad blood, just responding to a tweet blaming a loss on bad equipment. It could’ve happened to anyone. What does “Classic Singleton” mean Mr. Anonymous #4-6. That you #18? Changed your name to #4-6?

  8. #18 says:

    From a distance it seems you have a knack for being in the middle of the action hence “Classic Singleton”. There seemed to be more very close equipment questions this year. I know we had a couple over on the “A” courts. Thank god for the rule book. #18, #4-6..it is a natural progression.

  9. Andi O. says:

    Awesome day, guys. Dean a worthy champion yet again. Looking forward to another great Saturday of MB this weekend!

  10. Kevin Singleton says:

    #18…..that will be one hell of a jump to go from #18 to #4-6. I am predicting around #10 based on your previous WRS score. I am predicting 1-5 as follows. Salmon, Frush, Dean, Kidle & Singleton. Could be wrong, but it wouldn’t be the first or the last time.

    As far as the “Classic Singleton” goes, I guess people love to drag me into controversy. Oster’s started it. 😉

  11. Salmon says:

    Ummm…just noticed that spikeball.com has over 800 folks on FB; pmb.com around 128. WTF? Need y’all to represent at MIS this weekend; spread the word. Perhaps we need to start tagging sporting events, monuments, etc? Dru…do you have any MB stickers/decals we can use?

  12. #18 says:

    Singleton I have next years registration fee that says I am not lower than 7.

  13. John Hill says:

    I didn’t tweet that…@PlayMB did…but thanks for calling me out…I guess it’s incentive for next year my friend.

  14. Kevin Singleton says:

    Something to look forward to John. You might be right #18. Should be a tight top 10.

  15. Kevin Singleton says:

    WOW! How does Dean drop from #4 to #7 by winning? Hagan or should I say #8. You want to go ahead and pay my entry fee for next year :)

    Glad to see 6 of the top 15 are SoMoCo members. Great job guys.

  16. #8 says:

    Frush the official shirt of MB6 is being repped in the Cape today. So any New England MB7 ballers can be added to my rederral list.

  17. Most Hated? WOW! Such strong words. Who did I replace?

  18. Salmon says:

    WTF…is that a legit quote from #8? Hope so, cuz it’s freaking awesome! For the age group, am I the shortest? Used to be taller, though. Nice write-up, Frush (finally). Think the MBJ acquisition deserves more billing.

  19. #8 says:

    That was a direct quote my friend. I will have my adjustments made for our inevitable rematch.

  20. Salmon says:

    Will be tough to get my level…in terms of height. In terms of skillz, should not take much.

  21. Champ says:

    Kidle seriously scored 16 in a row being down 14-0 in the semis against Salmon, wow!

  22. I love reading Andy’s write ups again. I do have to apologize to John Hill though. I will do it in person in August. I hope with Dean’s win, he get’s more pub in the pre MB7 videos than I do. I don’t like being the most hated. I’m putting on my earbuds and being quiet.

  23. Guy with big target on back says:

    I got nothing but love for ya Hotwheels!

  24. The Mouth says:

    #19 checking in … MB7 looms large in the distance. Just re-read this 4K-word novella and got all misty-eyed with nostalgia. Here’s hoping that I can maintain a bit more composure during Monkeyball TV pre-Worlds videos this year. SoMoCo, you took the brunt last year — trust that I’ll be scouring the rankings for new material (read: targets) in 2011.

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