About MB

There are hundreds names and rules variations for the game we call Monkeyball. Here are the major differences between our version and the one you may have previously played.

Monkeyball Others
Name We call our version Monkeyball. There are hundreds of names: ladder golf, ladder ball and polish horseshoes to name three.
Scoring Differential scoring. Play to 15. Win by 2. Play to 21. Points don’t cancel. Land on 21 exactly.
Points Per Limb 3 points on the bottom limb, 2 on the middle and 1 on top. 1 on bottom, 2 middle, 3 top.
# of Throws 4 tosses per person per round. 3 tosses per person per round.
Ladder Made out of 3/4″ PVC. Looks like it was built in your garage. Sturdy. Rugged. Durable. Official equipment of the World Championships. The original patented version is made out of real wood and looks classy, but you can also buy cheap plastic knockoffs at a number of big box stores.
Rope 5/16″ braided nylon.  Some nylon different from game-to-game. About 14″ from ball-to-ball. Often thin, flimsy and very long. Not a true test of skill.
Balls Typically putt-putt balls. Paint doesn’t chip. Reacts just like a golf ball. Sometimes made of a weird rubber substance or of a hard foam.
Distance 30 feet from ladder-to-ladder. Often played at 15 feet.
Bounces No bounces allowed. Bounces encouraged, often scoring more points for throws that had no chance of initially hitting the ladder.
Rulebook We have one. Every situation is codified. Only a simple version is available. Certainly won’t resolve many arguments.
Tournaments Tournaments played all the time. Just get 8 friends together, download a bracket, and send us the results. You may find one here or there if you’re lucky.
T-shirts We love t-shirts and are always looking for reasons to print new shirts. I’m sure there are a few out there, but none of them are designed by the world famous graphic artist at caseyshead.com.
World Rankings If you’ve played a tournament in the last 2 years, you’re ranked. There is no other group organized quite like the Monkeyballers, so no other rankings are available.

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