3rd Annual Derby Day Championship (Birmingham, AL)

imageFor a while it looked as though the 3rd annual Derby Day Tournament would not happen. 60% chance of rain, thunderstorms and tornado warnings all around the Palazzo Il Mills in Mountain Brook, Ala. Thirty four Monkeyballers showed up to compete in the oldest, continuous SoMoCo tournament of them all! With a tough field sprinkled with many neophyte players we were able to finish the competition with just a few raindrops and a nice breeze helping cool off the 80 degree temperature.

When all was said and done the final eight came down to veteran circuit players. Both Michael Jones and Tom Dameron made their first final eight, and Michael made his first final three. Once again Scott Salmon showed NO MERCY in eliminating his mother, Jill, from yet another afternoon session. She has mentioned that he may now be out of the will.

Kevin Singleton managed to squeak by Scott Salmon for his second consecutive Derby Day win. Kevin was all smiles because he had finally beaten a Salmon and got down on his knees and thanked the all mighty Lord that Jason had to spend his Saturday in Marietta, Georgia coaching his six year old twin daughters in a soccer game!

Kevin, I just couldn’t let that one go!!!!

Thanks again to Connie Mills for hosting another great Tournament. Her significant other, the magnificent mustachioed Bill, was attending a soccer game in Munich, Germany. His original trip was delayed due to ash from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokul volcano. It would have been a great party even without the Monkeyball. Always good food, lots of Andygator, and as always, good company.

Also, we managed to raise about $400 for Brighthouse, always a good cause. Thanks to everyone that donated money to this charity. It will go to good use.

Champion: Kevin Singleton
Runner-up: Scott Salmon
# of Players: 34

Bracket (PDF)


  1. Thanks for the post Andy. It was a fun day and we raised more money for a good cause.

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