3rd Annual Battle Of Bull Run (Birmingham, AL)

Food, Family, the 4th and Monkeyball….some things just go together.  We had 19 ballers in this 3rd installment of the Battle of Bull Run.  We had sisters battling it out….husbands versus wives….nieces and nephews….aunts and uncles….and no one got hurt!  Tom had the grass perfectly manicured, and even brought out a tent this year to keep us in the shade between games.  Missy Dameron was hot all day going 5-1 to win her bracket and secure her spot in the finals.  Chris Cochran was also playing well today, making the final 4, before being put out by Missy.  Tom Brown had a nice tournament, too, going 4-2 and making the final 4.  Sean Dameron rounded out the final 4 and went undefeated on the day.  He won his bracket and met Missy in the tourney finals where he won the best of 3 match-up with his wife, 15-1, 15-11.

Champion: Sean Dameron
Runner-Up: Missy Dameron
# of Players: 19

Brackets/Results (PDF)


  1. Andi O. says:

    Ah, yes. Another cute tourney down south! Sean, it appears that in your arduous journey to the championship, the cumulative scores of your opponents in a whopping 6 matches was barely enough to beat you in even one game (20). Congratulations on another fine win.

    Trust that we’ll be discussing all of this prior to MB6 on video. :)

  2. #18 says:

    I am eagerly anticipating the analysis of the recent tournaments played south of French Lick.

  3. sean dameron says:

    i love your sharp-tongued wit, andi. looking forward to the pre-worlds videos you and the commish throw at us this year.

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