2013 Evergreen Invitational (Birmingham, AL)

2013-Evergreen-croppedEach year at work, we celebrate the employees for an entire week called Evergreen week. When you’re given the green light to have some fun at work, it’s time to bring out the ladders.

The group of 12 had several rookies, but the trash talk was just as good as any veteran monkeyballer. Soo Reinman made sure to ask Camille Marrs if she could see the ladders on her way to a 6-0 victory. Harold Harbour took 3rd place in the tourney, but he should win the prize for trash talk. DeCynthia Busby and Novella Turner-Manuel battled each other in a defensive struggle, with DeCynthia winning 2-1 when time was called.

At the end of the day, Monkeyball veteran Sean Dameron won the title over Seth Byram, who is a tailgating game aficionado.

Winner: Sean Dameron
Runner-up: Seth Byram
# of players: 12

Results/Bracket (PDF)
Games were played to 15 or a limit of 15 minutes.

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